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    I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke and have not seen any notations on the board about non-smoking rooms. Can you request at check in? If so, is the whole area non-smoking (surrounding patios, stairwells etc) 15 days till we arrive!!

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    No non-smoking rooms at CN that I'm aware of & smoking is allowed on patios, stairwells, beach, pool, etc. We are both extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke as well & have only noticed the smell in our room once in all the times we've been to CN.

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    I don't think they have non smoking rooms. I will tell you tho, we stayed at CSA this past December and saw our room before it was ready...... (doors were open) OMG, it was disgusting!!! I think the people stayed in the room 24/7 and smoked!!! Sand covered the floor, multiple ashtrays overflowing... I fully expected to be asking to move. We went to the room 2 hours later and it never had a hint of smoke! Couples housekeeping are magical

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    I think that officially all the rooms are No Smoking rooms, but I could be wrong. I do know that while most smokers are very courteous with their smoking, but some are not and smoke in the rooms. You can REALLY tell if someone has been smoking in the room before you checked in. May be I am just assuming the rooms are Non Smoking because I want them to be.

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    There are no "non-smoking" rooms, per se, but the rooms are so open and airy with very little upholstery that you would never even know if there was a smoker in your room before you. It's hard to explain in words, but you'll know when you get there.

    As for the common areas, people can pretty much smoke anywhere except the restaurants. That doesn't mean people smoke everywhere, but just like every other resort in the Caribbean, the outside is pretty much open to smoking. The highest concentration is mainly at the Pool Bar during the day, but most of the resort, walkways, stairwells, bathrooms, etc, is free of smoke.

    You'll be fine.
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    I believe that all rooms are non-smoking with smoking allowed on the balconies. I did request non-smoking (also sensitive) and had no problems with smells.

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    Sorry, there are no no-smoking rooms but we don't smoke either and the rooms don't smell of smoke, at lease in the 7 trips we have made.

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