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    Default Club Mobay on a Split Stay

    Hi all,

    My wife and I have our next trip booked for April/May 2014. We are doing a split stay between Negril and Sans Souci, and will be arriving and departing on Saturdays. I know when you book Club Mobay arrival and departure together, you get a discounted price instead of booking them separately. I am wondering if anyone knows how we can go about booking Club Mobay arrival and departure combo, since we have the 2 different reservations, and will be using the arrival on one and departure on the other. Thanks to any help you can give me!

    Jarrod & Tina

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    Hi! We will be doing the same in 2014. We will book arrival services given the date we arrive in Jamaica. Since Couples will be transporting us to the other resort, I will give Club Mobay my departure info based on my departure from Jamaica. No worries mon!

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    You don't need to worry. They just need your arrival and departure information. They don't really care where you are staying. :-) They asked me when we arrived where we were going... the Couples kiosk is right next to the Club MoBay one for arrival. For departure, they give you all that information when you actually arrive. So you just show your pass and go in the special line for security, etc. Then go to the Lounge and show your pass.
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    I did some more looking, and saw a thing that said after you book, you still have to provide Club Mobay with your flight info. Thanks Suzy for your info. When are you going to be in Jamaica? What is your experience with Saturday morning arrivals at MBJ? We are going to be landing at 10:40am on Saturday, which also happens to be the day before easter, so I don't know if that will make it busier or slower

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    Hi sweetnessinthesand! In 2014 we will be doing a split starting at CN for 7 days at the end of June and then 7 days at CSS. The last time we arrived on a Saturday it was the week between Christmas and New Years and the Club Mobay arrival service saved us a ton of time. I just booked the bundled arrivals and departure package for Club Mobay for our upcoming July trip and we're arriving on a Wednesday! There are 7 flights landing within 20 minutes of our flight!

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    Wow Suzy, that is a lot for a wednesday! We landed Thursday this last trip in March, and we were through everything and at the lounge in under 20 minutes. I think we were the 2nd plane out of 4 landing within a half hour.

    289 days 21 hours 56 minutes until we land!!

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