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    Default Technology at CSA

    Hey everyone, my fiance and I are leaving for our honeymoon at CSA on Monday, July 1 and we can't wait! My question is, do you get cell phone service at CSA? What about internet? Thanks for your help!

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    When we were there last week we could not get internet in our rooms. A lot of people we not happy about it, calls to the front desk did nothing.

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    There is internet, wireless, throughout resort. Its spotty at times but overall works well.

    Call your cell phone provider about adding international plan, and cost to make calls as well as data charges. It can be VERY VERY expensive. I turn my cell to airplane mode before departing the US. Then just connect to wireless network at CSA. So i cant make or receive calls, but can get email, use internet, and because i have iphone can text with other iphone users.

    If i need to make calls, i purchase a phone card from giftshop, and use phone in the room.

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    We stayed in a Garden Verandah Suite in December 2012 and had no problems connecting to the internet in our room.

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    Unless you have international plan, using your cell phone will be expensive per minute. They do have wireless internet in the rooms, but it kind of depends on how close you are to a repeater, and how many people are on using the internet, spotty at times. The Internet Cafe is nice and is close to the Piano Bar and Casino. I put my cell phone in airplane mode and turn off the data plan to make certain I don't roam.

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