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    Default Spirit Cancelled our Flight in Sept.

    Spirit Airlines just up and cancelled our flight in September.
    Now we are in a lurch as other carriers are much pricier at this point.

    I'm not really dealing with this very well. How is there no recourse or responsibility on behalf of Spirit Airlines.
    What would happen if they cancel the flight a week or less before the flight?


    So, take this info for what it's worth.


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    Ugh that sucks!! I haven't had it happen but would be a wreck if it did. Good luck!

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    One of the reasons we have stopped using the discount charter airlines (Spirit, Ryan, etc.) is because of the last minute changes, or even cancelations, to flight schedules. The attraction of a non-stop flight loses it's shine when you have to worry about the flight being pulled or rescheduled at the last minute. We now stick to the larger commercial airlines. Cost can be more, but schedules are much more stable. The charter we used to use suddenly pulled all flights out of StL a couple years ago leaving many folks scrambling to make other arrangements.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    The same thing happened to us 3 yrs ago, sort of, but they they changed the dates of our flights! After several phone calls to to Spirit Air complaining about the cahnge etc, they did reimburse my money with 24 hrs so I could book new flights, although as you stated, were a little more than than I originally booked with them! Lesson learned back then! DON'T BOOK with SPIRIT!!! Sorry it happened to you too! hope you can find some flights at a resonable price at such a short notice! we only had 3 months to rebook also!

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    Thanks folks -- Appreciate the shared experiences.

    So we did manage to rebook on other carriers for a pair of Benjamin's. The timing isn't quite as good as we're now departing the beloved resort for a noon flight v. a 4pm flight... We've got 9 days booked so we'll probably be okay...meaning that I may not be hiding in the bushes in hopes that we can stay a while longer...but you never know.

    Spirit Airlines and us have filed for divorce. We're done.

    thanks for the learned advice.

    Woo Hoo CSA.

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