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    Default Leaving from Kansas City - Delta thru Atlanta ??'s

    We have normally flown US Air out of Kansas City thru Charlotte on to Mobay & that is what we prefer BUT, in watching the airfare for the past few months for our December trip, I have found that Delta, connecting in Atlanta, will save us $550 to $600 .... That's a HUGE difference. I've kept hoping that US Air rates would drop but am afraid they won't & the Delta price will go up while I'm waiting so am about ready to book. Here's my question - Is 42 minutes enough time to change planes going (& our luggage make it) & is 1 hr & 35 minutes returning enough time for immigration & customs & getting to our gate???? We've only connected in Atlanta once before with no problems but it's been so long ago that I can't remember anything about how long a layover we had or anything. Also, Delta will get us into Mobay 2 hours earlier going so will be at CN mid afternoon instead of after 5:00 & we will leave 1/2 an hour later coming home so should have an extra hour at the resort our last day. Am mainly concerned that 42 minutes to change planes going is not enough ....... What do you think???? We realize that depends on our flight from KC being on time ... In December, you never know, with winter weather. Hubby & I are thinking it's worth the gamble to save that much money .......

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    We have actually used Delta thru Springfield-ATL-MBJ before with a 50 minute window(in august). I have a relative who works at Lambert in STL- she tells me that every airport has a "window" -or absolute minimum turnaround time that they don't publish, or tell you about...the airlines will book you, and not inform you of this, with every intention of changing your flight at some point. When I asked her about out 50 minute change, she informed me that the ATL uses approx. 48 min--so I frankly would be very skeptical as to whether you would make that or not, especially in Dec. I would look at flying into ATL the night before, booking a cheap hotel for the night- and lessening your worries. A good many of the surrounding area hotels offer free shuttles, and if you do have a weather issue, you will have some wiggle room. We have used Expedia for airlines, and they will show you virtually every option plausible. My rule of thumb, is don't risk missing any time at Couples by relying on an airline to do what's right- as they could care less ! mike

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    We do that flight a lot from KC
    42 minutes technically is enough. We have done that turn around once and made it (bags did also) but I was a mental wreck until we got our bags in MoBay. If the plane is delayed at all in KC or there is weather in Atlanta or you land in Terminal A and leave from the International Terminal (the farthest apart) you are screwed. I prefer to have 1 1/2 hours for my own peace of mind.

    Coming back it can be busy. I like 2 hours to make it through Passport control
    It depends on the other flights as ATL is a busy international terminal. Sometimes there are five flights arriving at the same time. It can be an issue if they all come from resort places as there are a lot of folks in US Citizen lines. If you have Global Entry it is fast. They are pretty efficient
    I have made it through in 45 minutes but it has also taken 1 hr 45 mins.

    We usually take the early (6 oclock) flight out of KC and then the second flight from ATL
    Most of the time we take the 3 oclock flight from MBJ which gets us into KC at about 1100
    Hope this helps

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    We fly Omaha to ATL and have about the same layover times. We didn't have issues last time and are flying again in Oct with the same layover times. I wouldn't be worried about it.

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    I fly through ATL on Delta frequently for work and we fly Delta through ATL every year to MBJ.

    Personally, I think you will be cutting it close both directions. Weather in Dec is questionable and traffic alone in and out of ATL is very congested and many times you land on time but have to wait for a gate. Making the connection times you give is possible but any hiccup in schedule could cause problems and remember ATL is huge.

    That said, $600 is alot of money, take the chance IF you are OK with.....checking flight schedules and know you can get there on a later flight so you don't miss a full day of vacation and if you are willing to be flexible and not blame the airline if you miss those tight connections going or coming home.

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    I think you'll be okay. If not, the luggage will arrive later. Bring some beach wear in a carryon just in case. I empathize with your airline worries - we were booked on Spirit and they cancelled the flight. Trip is now + $218.00 and we end up leaving the resort earlier, with a noon flight. make me crazy.
    You are correct that in December who knows what's going to be happening w/ a myriad of things. So, it could very well be that 1.5 hours wouldn't be enough, you'll never really know. So, go for it and live large!

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    Making the connection on the way down will be hairy at best. The international terminal is all the way at the other end of the airport We had a domestic connection last week with 49 minutes and we almost didn't make it just going from terminal B to T. You're looking at going from A or B to F. Hour and 35 minutes on the way back would be close, but if customs isn't too busy you might be able to make it. I try to never book less than an hour in ATL for connections domestically, and 2-3 hours internationally.

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    Hello fellow Kansan. My wife and I did our trip in April flying Delta from KCI to Atlanta then onto MBJ. Well, lets just say after our experience this past trip, definitely wear you running shoes! When arriving in ATL we were getting a little close on time but all was good. We landed, the plane was making its way to the terminal then it stopped. Captain came on and said it was busy and there was traffic so we had to stop. Mind you, our connecting flight has already been boarding so the sweat started. We finally got off the plane seeing we only had minutes before the flight was scheduled to leave and did one of the fastest restroom breaks ever. Right before getting into the restroom we heard our names over the intercom. We got to the gate and they were calling us again. We basically only had minutes left. Okay, so ready for the good part!?! Coming home was a mess, everything that could go wrong did. We were at MBJ, just enjoyed some $17 chicken fingers from DQ then heard our flight was going to be delayed. Our layover in Atlanta was only going to be about 1 hour 20 minutes or around there, can't quite remember, it's sort of a blur. Well, our plane at MBJ got delayed a second time. We knew our return was going to be rushed due to the short layover so we carried on all of our luggage, which was planned from the beginning. Okay, so, the plane was even later but it got there and we boarded, thank goodness right...well...not so fast. The plane was moving, taxi along then it did a major u-turn then parked...yep, darn thing just parked. The wind was strong so air traffic control made us take a different runway so they had to reset the computers then it seemed like they had to go to the other end of the airport. Starting to really sweat bullets now! So, up in the air we went, trying to relax but we kept the time in our heads and wondering if we will make it. YEAH, the plane landed, it seemed to take ages to get the gate but we grabbed our bags and waited to get out of the plane. Once it did though, we RAN! I am not exaggerating, we flat out ran! I had our two carry on bags and the wife had a couple of personal bags. We found the gate we needed then went at it....running up and down stairs...escalators, everywhere! Thank goodness for the plane train. Of course we had to go back through security so that took a little bit and of course they took our water darnit, we were parched at that point. We looked at the clock and we were pretty much done but weren't going to give up. After security we took off and ran some more right up until we got to the gate. At that time our flight was scheduled to leave in 4 minutes, but there was a huge crowd standing around. Trying to figure out what was going on we asked around and found that this flight had been delayed and honestly didn't believe it...we freaking made it! With this, even though it was fun pushing ourselves by running through an airport with baggage strapped to us we will never give ourselves under 2 hours layover....EVER!

    So, in our personal opinion and experience, having a layover around an hour could work but if anything goes bad it is definitely not fun times.

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    We are going TUL to ATL and arrive at 8:58 and leave for MoBay at 9:45. Hope this is ok. We plan on just checking a bag and taking a carryon. Keeping fingers crossed. Newbies and super excited!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdanjou View Post
    Making the connection on the way down will be hairy at best. The international terminal is all the way at the other end of the airport We had a domestic connection last week with 49 minutes and we almost didn't make it just going from terminal B to T. You're looking at going from A or B to F. Hour and 35 minutes on the way back would be close, but if customs isn't too busy you might be able to make it. I try to never book less than an hour in ATL for connections domestically, and 2-3 hours internationally.
    This just goes to show that everyone has different experiences and it really just depends on your dates/times.

    We flew into ATL this past mid-March. Only had about a 50 minute connection time which I'm okay with. Prefer about an hour but it's all good. We landed in Terminal B. So we got off the plane, walked to the tram to get to the International Terminal and then walked up to our gate. It took us about 10 minutes in total from the time we got off the plane. :) We had plenty of time to go up to the food court area, stop in the smoking lounge and then meander back to the gate and sit for a bit.

    On the way back, our plane was delayed leaving JA (seems to be the norm). We arrive with only about a 1 hour and 20 minute layover time. I fired up my phone as we were taxing to the arrival gate and my Delta App HIGHLY suggested re-booking. There was a later flight. Hubby and I looked at each other and decided to try to make it. If not, catch the later flight.

    From the time we got off the plane, went through immigration/passport, picked up our bags, went through customs, rechecked our bags, went through security, took the tram to Terminal B (again).... It took us about 22 minutes in total. :) Now, we were the only plane that arrived at that time. So no lines. Not sure how we managed that as our arrival time seems pretty popular. Maybe because we were late? We had plenty of time. Now, I prefer at least an hour for domestic to international and 2 hours for international to domestic.

    But it worked our for us. For our upcoming trip in Nov... we have a little over an hour on the way there and 2 hours and change on the way back. I'm fine with that. I really hate sitting in an airport but it's better than missing your flights! I don't care as much if I get delayed going home. Just want to get to JA as soon as possible! :)
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    Thanks so much everyone for your responses .... I really don't feel comfortable with so little time coming or going, especially in an airport as large as Atlanta's & where we aren't familiar with things .... Even if things ran like clockwork, it would still be iffy I think. The day after I posted my question, I checked the flights & the Delta flights are now quite a bit higher anyway ..... I know they go up & down so will keep watching & hoping US Air comes down ..... Last December we paid $1012 (on US Air) for the both of us & this year, it's staying at $1500 to $1650 so hoping we can get closer to that $1000 mark. We'll get there one way or another. Thanks again for sharing your experiences & giving me your opinions on this ... It's MUCH appreciated.
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    Howdy to my Kansas folks!

    We are flying out in October with AA, but our flight has changed 3 times already and our last one only left us with 45 minutes or so at DFW. I'm not looking forward to it, but I also expect it to change again.

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