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    Default Questions about the Island at CTI

    I posted this one the main board before I saw the Au Naturel board. My first question was answered (is there a bathroom on the island). My second quesiton was is there an easily accessible point to get into the ocean from the island?

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    Yeah, there's a little beach, right there where you get off the boat. They have a little floating dock there, but they didn't always have it... heres a couple pics we have used the beach to get in the water for naked snorkeling, naked sailing and naked water skiing... (INWSD- 2/17)

    -The Captain
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    Default Yes and no.

    there is a bathroom in the tower. the access to the water is not the best. On a calm day it isn't too bad but if the water is choppy it is hard to get down the steps.

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    Great!! Thank you!!

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    Can somebody tell me how it works? I'm assuming since you start in a textile area, you wear clothes/swimsuits for the boat ride over.. then once on the island, you de-robe?

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    Barren - Here's how our daily routine went. Get up. Put on sunscreen in the room (make sure you get everywhere). Put on your swim wear. Grab a towel. Go to the pier. Wait for the boat called 'Islander' to come pick you up. They'll drop you off at the dock on the island. Walk up the path and find a spot to claim as your own.

    You have a couple of choices:

    A) walk up the path and turn right. This will take you to a more private part of the island. My wife and I went here our first time to the island to get relaxed and comfortable with the idea of being naked in public.

    B) walk up the path and turn left. This will take you towards the swim up bar. This is were the fun is, but it might be a little intimidating at first (trust me, that will go away).

    Once you get there, find the chairs you want to sit at, lay out your towels on your chairs, disrobe, lay down, relax and enjoy. After a few minutes, your mind will be at ease and you'll enjoy the feeling. Take a book or a magazine to read and you'll soon forget that you're naked. After about a half hour we decided to go grab a drink at the bar. There, we interacted with fellow naked people and soon made some friends.

    If you need to get a drink, just go to the bar and ask Damian for one. If you need to go the restroom, there's one in the tower that you can use.

    The best thing we did was read this message board before we went and everything that people are telling you is right on. Read and absorb all of the info on here and once you get to the island, act like you've been there before and you'll be fine.


    PS - we're returning again next June to meet up with the friends that we've met this year on the island.

    Kristin and Brian

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