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    Default CN New Years Eve 2009

    First time board user....Going to celebrate New Years at CN. Wonder who will be joining us??

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    Default We will . . .

    New Years Eve thru January 8 . . .
    Check out the Christmas and New Years Eve thread on the Meet-Up at Couples CN message board.

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    12/30 to 1/3 - it will be our third trip to CN, though our shortest...we are meeting each other at CN after being apart for a year while he's been in Iraq. I can't wait!!

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    Default Can't Wait

    We will be there for New Years too. We were in CTI for 2007 and they really did a great job of throwing a party. We can't wait.

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    Default Jamaica New Years Eve!!!

    We will be at Couples Tower December 27th thru January 3rd 2010. Looking forward to some fun in the sun!

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