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    Default Food at CSS??

    I read some reviews recently about the food at CSS not meeting expectations. We looooved the food at CSA and that was a big reason we decided to try out another Couples resort. Can those who have recently been to CSS comment about the quality of food at all? I am not picky at all, I love pretty much all food, but I do appreciate good food.


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    We ate all restaurants on out last visit and were very pleased. From the coffee, pastries and fruit we started our day with to the delicious dinners at Casanova we never lacked for good food. However, one thing I WILL say is there are not a lot of sources for snacks (save room service). While the grills are pretty much always open, if you want a quick snack you will be out of luck. This is a main reason we would order things for AM delivery and save the fruit etc until later. Now, if you are a food critic then I am sure you can find something you won't like...but I wouldn't worry too much about negative comments because, as you might have noticed, there are a lot more positive ones

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    Extent of choice is down when compared to last two visits but quality still good. Don't worry!

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    We love the food at CSS! Especially Casanova! I saw that review on TA, and I have never gotten sick from any of the food served on the buffets.......We have trip #7 planned in a few days and I'm really looking forward to the yummy food!

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    We stayed at both CSS and CSA for our honeymoon a month ago! The whole experience at CSS was way better than CSA. I am a picky person when it comes to food and the food CSS was incredible. Casanova's restaurant at CSS served the best food of our entire trip.

    Though the beach and water aren't as lovely at CSS as it is at CSA, you won't be bothered every 20 minutes by sales men, hustlers, and drug dealers. We will only go back to CSS.


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    our only trip to couples was at CSS and I couldn't have been happier with the food that I was given. From breakfast to dinners, 7 days of the best food i've ever had

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    I would not put too much stock in one review. Some people expect perfection in all things. Guess what, it doesn't happen. But, I'd say that the food at CSS comes as close to perfect as you'll find anywhere. Great food. Great place. Great people. Period.
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    Went to CSS June 1-8th. The food was excellent. I'm a chef and very critical of food but I had no complaints. I have higher expectations of Cassanova and they certainly delivered. The rabbit was perfect, the seafood fresh. At the beach grill for lunch, I really enjoyed. I even had a pizza for the first time and must admit that it was good. For breakfast I will admit the menu is pretty much the same but seriously, how much change can you have? Some mornings i had scramble, over easy, or an omelet, the meats I would go back and forth, breakfast is when you can switch it up. and the pastries were delicious and decadent. Cookies are everywhere after 10am. Want something different? try the veggie bar at the mineral pool. I recommend trying the pumpkin jalapeño dip! I realize that some people have a different perspective on what they expect when staying in Jamaica compared to other areas in the caribbean, like my family who stay in a very glitzy resort in Cancun and who feel that smaller resorts just don't make their cut, but i really have to scratch my head when reading some reviews, no where is perfect. There will be hiccups anywhereSome complaints are legit, some are just ridiculous.

    Enjoy your vacation!

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    I have been to CSS, CN and CTI. Never at CSA, but I can give you our (wife and I) thoughts on the food at CSS. It's not that the food is bad at CSS, but the dining options (actual dining rooms) are limited compared to CN and CTI. Casanova is, by far, the best dining option on the property. The Gala night and the beach party are fun, but you've got to get in line to get the food. I enjoy a properly served sit-down dinner, but every now-&-then, a buffet is fine. CSS really doesn't have any themed restaurants on the property and that limitation may lead to a feeling of just so-so quality. Also, two of the three main eateries do double-duty, so you're in the same surroundings during dinner that you were in for lunch and/or breakfast. If you spend a week there, most of the dinners are already set (assuming you want to take advantage of all the special nights). There's the Tuesday beach party, the Wednesday repeater dinner/or Wednesday Lobster night, and the Friday Starlight Gala. Add in a couple of nights at Casanova and 5 of 7 are picked!! To sum-up...IMHO, CTI had the best food, but we love the character and ambiance of CSS and we will be headed back there AGAIN this year.

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    We love CSA,4 trips. We just got back from a split CSS/CSA. I have to say the food was a little better at CSS.

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    Yay, thanks everyone! Sounds like there is nothing to worry about... glad to hear that. Not much time left now!

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    It's not that the food at CSS is bad, it's more that the food at CN and CTI are better.

    We have done CSS for a week then CN for the second week twice. When we get to CN it feels like a real step up in the food. The other thing is that CSS does more buffets.

    A buffet is more social but I've never heard of one mentioned as providing a fine dining experience. In fact our experiences with the buffets has not been good. Between cold food and running out of selections we choose to skip the buffets. It's been enough to change us from CSS then CN for our spring vacation to next year doing CSA then CN.

    Here in the great white north (Halifax) most of the people I know go south for a winter vacation. When people talk about cheap verses good resorts, the first measure is whether the meals are buffets.

    I'm sure you will find the food acceptable at CSS. I'm also fairly sure you won't compare it well to the other Couples resorts.

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    I have to agree with Questor..... we have been to CSA and CN. We ventured to CSS this past Spring. We had a good time but I have to admit, the food wasn't as good. It was still fine and not enough of an issue to spoil our vacation but there is a difference. We did enjoy the breakfast buffet's at Pallazina and the omelets there. Lunch at the Grille and then when it turned into the Bella Vista for dinner was our favorite place. Surprisingly, the places we needed reservations for dinner (Casanova and Pallazina), we weren't impressed with and it was a la carte. JMO. We didn't go to the Beach Party (did room service which was just okay) but we did go to the Gala. Though it was buffet, we enjoyed the food.

    All in all, we enjoyed our time at CSS. But I wish there had been more than just one restaurant that didn't require reservations.
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    I'm confused... I thought there were options that were not buffets and that dinner is a la carte at the restaurants? That is what it appears from the website menus.

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    I thought the food at CSS was overall better than CSA, probably smaller size resort. Did miss SeaGrapes though and room service was so so. No group issues at dining venues either. The Gala to me was much better and classier than the 2 buffet parties at CSA.

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    Jane, Casanova, Pallazina, and the Beach Grill which becomes Bella Vista in the evenings are a la carte for dinner. At breakfast and lunch Pallazina serves a buffet but you can get an a la carte meal at the Beach Grill. On Tuesday evening the restaurants are closed for dinner for the Beach Party which is a buffet. On Friday evening the restaurants are closed for the Starlight Gala which is a beautifully prepared and displayed grand buffet on the Main Lawn. If you don't want to eat at a buffet, there is room service. I think you will have plenty of opportunity to eat that aren't buffets. Have a great trip! Hubby and I will be there soon! I can't wait!!!

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