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    Default How was "Week 2" at CB? (We've all heard about Week 1...)

    Was anyone there during "Week 2" (June 22-29) of CB? We are scheduled to arrive this Friday, July 5 and quite frankly, are more than a little concerned about about the reviews. My husband and I are actually really laid back travelers and expect there will still be kinks to work out during the opening few weeks (e.g. construction, slow check-in). That's factored into the discounted price. But some of the comments are downright scary -- more like a 2-3 star hotel. Trouble getting clean towels in the room AND at the beach? No housekeeping for days? Failure to restock the minibar each day, even with water?? Adding a little insult to injury, we were told that it would be 2 days of diving (4 dives per person) and not 1 day of diving (2 dives per person). So we're going to have to come out of pocket an extra couple hundred for diving that we weren't expecting. We're hoping the Barbados money will help with that, but who knows. We didn't see a dive shop on the list.

    We have travel insurance so candidly we're thinking about moving hotels. That said, we'd really like to stay at Couples but at this point are looking for some reassurance we're not going to be heartbroken at the end of the only vacation we're going to take this year. Can we hear from people who were there the second week, once most of the "issues" were supposedly worked out?

    Many thanks...

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    We are in the same boat you are...arriving July 5th for a week stay. Reviews have made me quite concened and I don't even want to tell my husband as we are amid a family crisis on top of it. Last thing we need is a vacation from hell when R&R is a necessity. I am trying to keep an open mind and it is getting to the point where changing our plans isn't an option. (We have trip insurance too, but we are only a couple days out now and leaving home on the morning of July 4.)

    Couples used to include 2 dives per person per day, but that has dropped to 1 dive per person per day. Except here. We are divers, but were aware that only 4 dives were included per room. I am a bit confused by your insult to injury comment because 4 dives are better than 2 dives per person. Either way it only covers a day or two.

    Last I heard there is an outside dive shop doing diving for Couples Barbados. My husband has been in touch, but I don't have the information on hand. I have not heard any comments from anyone about how they are. Safety and then comfort are my priorities when diving.

    Saturday is the only day where a two tank morning dive is offered. (Otherwise it is one in the morning and one in the afternoon.) With a Friday arrival not sure if getting on both Saturday morning will be a possibility. We are tentatively set to arrive in Barbados about 2 pm so if we get to the resort in time, that is one of our top priorities.

    They say misery loves company so if you are willing to risk it, we'll be there. Good, Bad, and/or Ugly, but still hoping for all Good. After all, part of vacation is what you make of it.

    Mark & Lisa
    Appleton, WI

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    That's pretty funny Lisa... I think we're on your American flight on Friday (I assume you're on the 10 too?). We'll look for you in Miami -- we'll be the disheveled ones who were dumb enough to take the red-eye from LA on the night of the 4th instead of just flying in the morning and staying the night in Miami. (File that under "Seemed like a good idea at the time...) Look for the short blond curled up in a chair with weary eyes and probably black adidas pants (my travel uniform - John tends to mix it up so who knows with him).

    The reviews seem to be getting a little better save the check in process. So, John and I will plan to pack swimsuits in our carry-on (we always do just in case luggage gets lost), dump the bags in the lobby and head straight to the pool/beach/bar to wait out the crowd. No point in wasting the afternoon fighting it -- you're right, vacation is almost entirely what you make of it. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Have a safe trip--
    Steph & John
    Los Angeles, CA

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    It's probably too late for you guys, but maybe the moderators will post this quickly. You should really go look at the Couples Barbados Questions and Answers thread (it's been in the top three for a while now). Many of your questions are addressed there, and I've posted as much info as I can about the diving. Couples has contracted with The Dive Shop -- Barbados Diving: The Dive Shop Ltd. - SCUBA in Barbados since 1965! You can email or call Fatema. She's usually responded to my emails within minutes, and is very helpful. I don't know anything about them, so I read reviews on-line. I know most folks hate TripAdvisor, but I'm the type that likes to get all the info I can, and just filter it with some realism and common sense. They have good ratings, and the one thing that seems to hold them at 4 stars (which is pretty good!!) is they don't have a dock and you have haul your gear out to the boat yourself in shallow water. It may not be 100% pampering service, but if the boats are good and the staff is safe, knowledgeable, and friendly -- then it's a small price to pay. Their rates are very reasonable, and lower than many other islands that I've been to. Check out their packages/specials. You can get 4 dives (4 tanks) for $185US, and that's full rental. At $46/dive, it's hard to beat.

    They do a 10AM 2-tank deep dive each day that gets you back around 1:30.

    Hope this helps!

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    I think with Randymon visiting the CB last week hopefully most of these issues we have heard about have been corrected. We are in the same boat like you arriving Monday the 8th. I hope we get a good room and don't have to wait 2-4 hours for a room. If you all have time please reply with your experience on checking in and how your room is. We have stayed 7 times in CTI love it there.

    Dave N Rhonda
    Houston Tx.

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