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    Default MBJ Customs/Immigration in October

    Coming home to CN for #6 in October. We usually head down in the Spring but had to change times this season. Trying to determine whether or not to invest in Club Mobay for inbound. We have used in the past for outbound and it was great. Wondering what to expect in customs/immigration this time of year. Thanks!

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    I think it has more to do with the day of the week you are traveling than the time of year because we've went at all times of the year ..... Weekends are normally WAY busier & we've found that going any day during the week is not too busy coming or going, with Tuesday or Wednesday travel probably the lightest crowd. We try to book our seats on the plane closest to the front that we can get so we're at the front of the line when we arrive in Mobay & go thru immigration & customs ... Of course, sometimes there's another plane load of people ahead of us but not always.

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    We visited CN in Oct 2012. Landed on a Friday at about 2:00 p.m. (USAir...flight was late). 20 minutes from landing to lounge. Your mileage may vary
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    We used the Mobay Pass in March and it was incredible! on a Friday, arrived about 9.30ish...may have been 6 planes ahead of us...thank God for the pass. We were like "Rock Stars"..not 5 min at the passport area, got to baggage too quick and beat our luggage, at the customs they didn't pay any attention to our luggage, in the Couples/Mobay lounges in 15 min and at CN by noon!! didn't use it leaving...

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    We used it on a Saturday in April. It was great! we were met down the ramp by a lovely young lady who escorted us through immigration which took all of two minutes, then on to baggage claim which was another long wait....5 minutes perhaps, and then we said goodbye at the couples lounge. we were on the shuttle to CTI in less then a half hour after we got to the gate. Our return to mobay to the states was just as quick. I am booking Club Mobay again in August.

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    We went in October last year, and we had family with us. Told them about the wait at immigrations and how long the lines could be, but then we always go in February and never had been there in October but even then it was usually about 45 minutes from getting off the plane to getting to the lounge. We landed about noon. Talk about egg on your face. No lines what so ever. Breezed through immigration and had to wait on our luggage at the carousel. Breezed through customs, and was at the Couples lounge in about 20 minutes if that, and it was a Friday. It was the same way going home. This year we are going in October again, hope it is the same.

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    we went last year in September, USairways flight on Monday.

    it takes 10 minutes to get from jetway to immigration, lines were not long and plenty of workers, through there in 15 minutes, we had to wait longer for our luggage, no wait at customs and maybe 15 minutes at the Couples lounge. So the Club Mobay would have been a waste of $$

    We departed on Sunday, left 4 hours prior to our 2:30 flight, arrived in a little under 2 hours, airport was EMPTY, small line at the counter for check-in, NOBODY at security and nobody at the gate so the Club Mobay would have bee a waste of $$

    In the past, we have visited in late January and it took (2) hours to check-in and get through security, Club Mobay would have been worth the $$ but that was high season on a weekend.

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    I personally wouldn't spend the money on Club Mobay going ..... We have never in a dozen trips had to wait more than 15 minutes (tops) in immigration .... We are always through before our checked bags are ready to pick-up. Customs has never been an issue at all no matter when we have went. We've never used Club Mobay but I can see where it would be nice & worth the $'s when departing, though.

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