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    Default Early check in?

    Hi! I've been reading some of the boards and a lot of you are talking about early check-in. Do you do this online? If so what's the link? I can't seem to find it on the webpage at all, maybe I just keep over looking it. And how early (far in advance) can you check in? Thanks in advance!!

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    First, you have to sign up for Romance Rewards. There's a link at the bottom of the page. It's free and even as first timers it qualifies you for the Trading Places even the first time you go. Then, at least 7 days prior to departure, you must pre-register to notify Couples of your arriving flight info. I you do not do this, Couples won't provide your free transportation to the resort. You will have to find a cab and pay maybe $100 cab fare plus tip. This is a new policy that was just announced by management on the message board. The pre-check-in also allows you to choose your returning guest gift and tell them what you want stocked in your mini-bar when you arrive.
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    At the bottom of any page , click on romance rewards. Sign up for that ,(it's free). Then about a week before departure, do the pre checkin, it'll ask for your flight info and you'll be able to pick what you want in your minibar. It'll be stocked sometimes before you arrive but mostly shortly after you check in. As a member on your first trip you can do the trading places day to the sister resort but on repeat trips, you earn other rewards like resort credits and gifts. Have fun!

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    Go to the very bottom of the page and find Romance Rewards. (Very small print) Click on it and it will have the Check-in option. You will need to sign up for Romance Rewards.
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    I think it's only for Romance Rewards members, but I could be wrong. I usually do it a week before the trip when I can't wait any longer to be doing something other than booking and stalking the message board. Those of us who have been frequently use the pre check-in to tell them which of the repeaters perks we want, but you have to have been there 14 days in the past 4 years before you get the choice.
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    Hi, We arrive on Aug 23rd and I have already done early check in and stocked my mini bar. Just go to the romance rewards and sign up there. It will request your flight information so you will be set.

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    I had the same problem. If you go to the Romance Rewards main page, there are a few links below the picture on the left hand side. One of them should say check-in.

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