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    Default Tips for sand fleas NEEDED

    We went to CN last year in August and are going to CB in September! Last year I got EATEN ALIVE by sand fleas.....I am very tasty to them apparently! I tried baby oil, bug spray,bug spray with TONS of deet!!! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???? LOL!

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    I HATE sandfleas! I stay off the beach from 4:00 in the afternoon until at least 10:00 the next morning. My sister just discovered that taking an antihistamine every day will help. You're right - DEET does nothing to stop them.
    Keep the window louvers closed at night if you are staying in a ground floor building near the beach. I discovered that they will come through screens during our last night at CSA....
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    Avoid the beach at dusk (and soon after) and after rain showers. The change in temperature is what brings them out from the sand.
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    Deep Woods Off keeps them away from me but not always from my wife. Take some Neosporin with you for the bites also. It really helps and if you buy it from the resort store is costs $17 instead of $2 here.
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    I have had major issues in the past when we stayed at Grand Lido Braco. This year we were at CSS and I was worried about it. I read a thread on here about taking vitamin B1 before and during your stay. Figured what the hell and gave it a try. I took one vitamin B1 tablet a day for 2 weeks before we left and during the time we were there. I also put Off bug repellent on my legs at night for the beach party and gala dinner. I had zero bites. Not sure if it was the B1 or not but you can bet I will be taking it again before we return to CSS in April 2014

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    Try Avon Skin So Soft. I am always amazed/amused when people comment on being bitten. I've been to CSA 4 times (April and October trips) and the ONLY time I've ever been bitten was during Hurricane Sandy last October. Dawn and Dusk are the two times you're most likely to be bitten. Also ... learned this living in South Florida for 13 years; wear NOTHING SCENTED. No perfume, cologne, deodorant, hair spray, etc. Get everything unscented. It helps. I am rarely bitten here, either.

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    Does Skin So Soft or any other bug spray without DEET help at all? We leave at the end of the month and I'm adding to my shopping list!

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    MY wife and I have had very good success with Skin So Soft, but we also stay off the beach when the sun is not out because that is when they are most prevalent. We feel that the Skin So Soft works really well for some people but it seems to not work at all for others, but not sure why. In fairness to the Skin So Soft even Deep Woods off seems to work for some people and not work at all for others. So I think the most important part of it is being wise about when to be one the sand and when to be off of it. This is also why I am happy when the Buffet on the Beach moves to the pool deck or back inside. I hate trying to eat in the sand, especially as my chair legs slowly sink deeper and deeper into the sand. Ahhh... then trying to move my chair back to get up is a real comedy show in itself. I hope they always always continue to keep other dining options open the night of the beach buffets!

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    These are all some really good ideas. It kind of felt like no matter what I used, they were still going to bite me...even in the open air restaurants! I'm hoping that Barbados won't be as bad.

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    My wife also had major issues with sandfleas, when we were in Punta Cana last year. I stopped counting after a hundred bites.... not fun! We read about taking the B1 which increases your Thiamin levels which apparently sandfleas don't like. My wife took B1 for a month before our trip to CSA and she didn't get one bite and we were on the beach every evening for sunsets. She continues to take one tablet daily. Heck she's even doing yard work!

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    I usually get eaten alive at CN during December, to the point of having to go to the nurses station for a shot (and not a Bob Marley, either!). Last year, I tried and liked Avon's Skin So Soft Bug Guard in the pump spray bottle. It really seemed to help, but I was VERY diligent in applying, re-applying, and re-applying, especially around my feet. The sand fleas can also very bad under the boardwalk, so be sure and apply if you're sitting at the Beach Bar, or at Heliconia for dinner.

    If you do get bitten a LOT, don't hesitate to head to the nurse's station. It's not worth ruining your expensive vacation suffering from those itches. It costs a couple hundred bucks for a shot and a round of prednisone (they take credit cards), but I was able to turn it into my health insurance when I got home, and got reimbursed.

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    rhallva - I agree.... there should be more "sand free" dining options. Sand fleas are a huge problem for those of us who react strongly to them
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    I know I got bitten up a TON while in Sans Souci. But I am not sure if any of it was sand fleas or just mosquitos. The first couple nights there, my wife and I would leave our windows all open while we were getting ready for supper (at dusk) and our room was full of bugs. We realized our mistake, and from then on, closed our windows every evening, and reopened them at night after lights were off. After that we never had new bug problems (just the same mosquitos that had already gotten into our room.) My wife didn't get a single bug bite that I can remember. We both used bug spray (as often as we remembered at least). But I think most of my bites were from the mosquitos we let in our room, because most of them were all over my arms and hands (which were exposed while sleeping.) The one thing I will say though, is that I LOVE Jamaican mosquitos, because the bites did not itch the entire trip!!! It wasn't until we got back home that all the bites started itching and irritating me. Seriously, I think we crossed into US airspace, and they all instantly started itching. I think for next year, we will try the B vitamin trick, and maybe the skin so soft trick. I hated getting all dressed up for dinner, only to have to spray ourselves down with bugspray like we were camping. Even so, I can't wait until our next trip!


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    Quote Originally Posted by BecMec View Post
    Heck she's even doing yard work!

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    Not a way to prevent bites like many above suggestions but maybe a way to make them less annoying. This works on mosquito bites. Take a metal spoon and run it under rather warm (not hot so as not to burn!) water in your sink to heat it up. Press it over the bite and hold it a couple minutes. The heat confuses your nerve endings and draws out the histamine to help reduce the itch. Taking an antihistamine allergy med will further help. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rckbert View Post
    Not a way to prevent bites like many above suggestions but maybe a way to make them less annoying. This works on mosquito bites. Take a metal spoon and run it under rather warm (not hot so as not to burn!) water in your sink to heat it up. Press it over the bite and hold it a couple minutes. The heat confuses your nerve endings and draws out the histamine to help reduce the itch. Taking an antihistamine allergy med will further help. Good luck.
    Be sure to pack some baking soda to make a paste over the bites. Like Chiggers, you can suffocate the fleas with clear nail polish or vaseline. I have read they hate the smell of cinnamon and lemon oil and tree oil. I may make a concoction and use it as spray and bring along. There is "after bite" you can buy as well to apply to the bites. I am seriously thinking of bringing mocassin high boots to wear under long dress at nite...But also read about taking B1 few weeks before you hubby and I will do that as well.....

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    Default Cactus Juice 6 Oz eco spray: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    I was attacked by sand fleas when I went to Culebra, PR and the backs of my legs looked like I had been on Survivor for 39 days. Since then, and during my recent trip to CSS,I use Cactus Juice Sun and Skin Outdoor Protectant. It comes in a lotion with SPF 20, but for my fair skin the SPF is inadequate. If you only plan to use it at night, the spray is good (link above is for the spray without the SPF). It also works against mosquitoes. (They sell it on Amazon and it is Prime eligible.) Biting insects love me and this is really the best stuff, in my experience. DEET and Skin So Soft have never worked for me, but everyone's different.

    (The B1 may be helpful too. I take a B-complex daily, so that may have also contributed to my recent success.)

    FYI: The label and the ads for Cactus Juice will not say that it is an insect repellent. In order for a product to do so, the company needs to conduct costly studies and submit to the FDA. You will not find any claims on the label that it protects against insect bites, but rather "nature's assaults." If I can serve as a case study, it works!

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    I know that good old fashioned white toothpaste works on bee and wasp bites. Might be worth a try for you. No drugs, cheap and easily available.

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    A) Avon Skin So Soft. B) Do not wear ANYTHING scented (notice the people saying women are getting bitten? Perfume, hair spray, scented soaps= magnets for sand fleas and mosquitoes. C) Avoid dusk/dawn outside if possible.

    Nothing works for everyone, but following these 3 simple rules has kept me under a dozen bites from ANY critter in the entire 13 years of South Florida living, 4 trips to CSA, two Caribbean cruises....I think I've made my point

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