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    Default CSA Beach Towels

    I've heard a lot said on these boards about beach towels. How does it work? Is it worth bringing our own oversized towels so we don't have to worry about it?

    BTW, my fiance and I will be at CSA for the first time in just over 3 weeks for our Honeymoon! Can't wait!!
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    Don't waste your time and luggage space bringing your own. They are available in your rooms, at the water sports shed, and at a towel hut near the swim up bar. You ask and you get. The hut is usually not even manned so you can take fresh ones. They used to make you turn in your beach towels when leaving at the water sports shed but have stopped doing this. Couples treats you right! Relax mon.

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    You will have 2 beach towels in your room when you check in. When you need a fresh one, go to watersports hut or the towel shack on the other end of the resort by the swimup bar and exchange them. Things just don't dry very well so I wouldn't bother bringing your own.
    I do think people need to pick up after themselves at the end of their beach time.

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    Swept Away used to have a policy that at the end of your stay, you had to go to the water sports hut and get a "card" stating you had returned your towel. The past couple of times we have been there, no such card. Don't bring your own towels, they take up too much packing space and weight. The towels at the resort are big and do what they are supposed to do. We go to the water sports hut and exchange at the end of the day. Oh, wait till you see the sun set into the sea!

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    Since this subject has been brought up I feel the need to drop a couple of observations on the new beach towel policy.

    First to answer your question: No, you do not need to bring your own beach towel, they are provided by Couples. Congratulations on your marriage and you are going to love CSA!

    Now for my thoughts. We just made our 7th trip to CSA a couple weeks ago, we had been used to and familiar with the old beach towel policy of turning them in for fresh towels at the water sports hut. The new policy seems to have shifted the responsibility for fresh beach towels away from the guest and onto the house keeping staff. Ok, nice. I no longer have to make a late afternoon run to the water sports hut for fresh beach towels. When we checked into our room there were two beach towels in the bathroom rolled up and sitting on the vanity next to the sink. Cool. Now what? We brought our beach towels back to our room at the end of our first full day and left them on the floor of the bathroom. They were replaced that evening by the person that did our turn down service. Then it got confusing. We left our beach towels the next night, but there was no turn down service and no fresh beach towels. We reused the towels the next day and left them out again that evening. We had turn down service, they took the soiled towels but did not leave fresh beach towels. We used bath towels for beach towels (they are shorter) the rest of out stay. We never received fresh beach towels again and we only had turn down service once more. Turn down service only occurred three times in our seven night stay. We did not mind using the bath towels, even though they are considerably shorter than the "beach" towels. So, did we do something wrong? Is there some mysterious protocol that we failed to follow to get fresh beach towels? By the end of the week we agreed that we would prefer to go back to the old system, at least we knew how it worked.

    Really a minor inconvenience as far as we were concerned, though my wife was a bit annoyed at having to use the shorter towels on her lounge chair. Anyone else have issues with the new beach towel policy? Did we just happen to hit a glitch that is not the norm? Since we are booked for next summer I would appreciate some input from others on what we may have done incorrectly.

    See you at the beach next summer!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    No issues with towels! We always got fresh ones and we usually got new ones when we were done for the day!

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    I'm not sure I like the new beach towel system either; jut because to many people just leave them on the beach when they are done. We to had issues getting new ones at turn down so if none were left then we would go ask at watersports hut, no problem. Still no need to bring your own.

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    We would usually bring the dirty ones back to our room and hang them on the veranda somewhere to try and dry. The next morning we'd go get fresh ones at watersports.

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    What about leaving your used towels on the vanity with a note, need clean towels. Just a thought...that way no confusion on housekeeping end...

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    Thanks for the help everyone! Looking forward to getting there in 22 days!

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    Looks like I should have still gone to the water sports hut for clean towels. My bad. I will do this next year, assuming the process does not change between now and then.

    Thanks for the replies! See you at the beach next summer, with fresh towels.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    One suggestion for all guests is that if you take your beach towels back to your room after having used them on the beach, leave them out on your balcony and not in your room if at all possible. Remember those little sand fleas that everyone complains about? Don't give them a free ride into your living space! Housekeeping does clean the balconies and will probably change those towels. We just leave them out there and exchange them the next morning at the towel hut or water sports shed. In any case, there are always fresh towels available to you with little to no effort. Couples does this just fine.

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