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    Default Deep sea fishing anyone want to join

    We are going to TI Dec 5th to the 15th and would like to know if anyone else plans on going deep sea fishing then. We were told it would be cheaper to share a boat with another couple. Would there be anyone else interested?

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    We'll be at CSS 12-25 December and I'll say maybe. Would you be willing to maybe go on the 14th? I'll need to run it by my wife also. Do you have a specific charter boat picked out yet?

    Scott and June

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    Don't see why not but talk to your wife and I will talk to mine also. No we have not picked a charter and not even sure who or what yet. This is our first time there so not sure where to start.

    Brandy & Tammie

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    my fiance and I will be at CTI from 7/23-8/2 we are looking for another couple to split the cost of a charter with us as well for a day or half day or deep sea fishing, please contact me if anyone is interested

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    We will be at CTI in Ochio Rios 12/7-14 and I know my husband would love togo. He went in 2010 with some folks and they had a great time. When they got back, the cook cleaned and prepared the fish for us! It was awesome.
    Tammy and Curtis Mann

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    We're in. 13th or 14th. Contacting me directly would be best to coordinate.


    Scott and June

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    Tammy & Curtis that sounds great. Do you know who they used for the fishing trip or any details?

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    Scott and June, we are going to try and get something a little sooner then when you guys arive but will for sure check back with you. Hope to see you there and thank you.

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