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    Default After 25 years back at CTI June 8, 2014....

    My wife and I honeymooned at Couples Tower Isle back in 1989, and are going back to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Looks like things have changed quite a bit! I don't see the two lions in the logo anymore! :-)

    Anyone else going to be there that week?

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    No more lions. Twisted Palms are the new logo. You are going to be blown away by the present day CTI. The food is absolutely great, make sure you try Eight Rivers. Private dinner on the Island is worth it if you can stretch to it and also the 80 minute couples aromatherapy massage. Last but not least the staff are the best of all the Couples Resorts. You won't be waiting another 25 years to return.

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    I will miss the lions, but looking forward to out visit! Thanks!

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    You are doing what we did in January. Had not been back to CTI since the late 1980's. The place was fabulous then and it still fabulous. I'm sorry we waited so long to return. It looks very different but it is just amazing. We are returning again in January 2014. You will love it. We sure do.

    Carol and Dave... CB in a month!

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    Good to know! Anything we should plan on not missing?

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    Still a long way off, but getting closer and closer!

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