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    Default 1st time to CTI going in Dec 2013

    We are first timers going to Jamaica and would love for any advise you would like to share. We are very excited and will be there in Dec of this year. Not sure about excurtions when to book, who to book with. Deep sea fishing is another things we are wanting to do. We have been reading other post on here and got some good info but just got set up to post ourselfs.
    Thanks Tammie & Brandy

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    What are your dates in December. We will be there 16-25 of December. We were at CTI last February and loved it!!! Can't wait to get back. As far as excursions, Dunns river falls is a must!!! Booking is easy for anything once your at the resort, there is a chukka desk in the lobby offering all kinds of different things. We did the white river tubing and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also did a trading places day to CSS and we're likely doing that again.

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    We go the 5th - 15th and can't wait. Thanks for the info on excurstions. There are a few things that is a must for us...Dolphins, deep sea fishing, Zip line and the bob sleds so we just don't want to miss out by not booking them things early enought.

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    We tried booking stuff here before we went and it actually created a bigger hassle than if we would've just waited and booked when we arrived... Do your homework on zip lining one of them is FAR better than the other one offered I just can't for the life of me remember which one is which. When you do excursions be prepared to be hit up for tips at every turn... It was actually a little bit of a downer because I felt like a walking ATM and we found the vendors outside the resort to be very aggressive. Don't forget to try the island!!!!

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    Thank you for the info, we have been very confused on what to do with the booking stuff. If you remember the zip line place please let us know. Also the island?? Would like to know about the island and why to try it. I know it's a all natural and not sure about that myself but would love to hear what people have to say about it. Again thank you.

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    We always book off site excursions when we get to Couples. I believe the company is Chukka, or at least that's who CTI used when we were there 2 years ago.

    If you want to know more about au natural and the island head to the board on au natural.

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    Lucky for you there is a while section on the message board called "au naturel" that'll answer any questions you have about the island!!!

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