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    Default CTI 1st timers review

    Just got back from CTI and well…..we have a new favorite vacation spot. Here’s my first timer’s review.
    1. Beautiful resort. Layed out really well and not overly crowded even though they were at 95% capacity.
    2. Staff is absolutely the most friendly you’ll ever meet.
    3. Check in was a breeze.
    4. Food was absolutely the best and healthy at the same time.
    5. Room, deluxe ocean, really large and the view was perfect. A/C worked good which is a plus for me.
    6. Scuba diving was really good. The gear, boat and crew were all excellent. Christopher, the dive master was especially nice.
    7. The drinks were really good, especially the dirty banana and pina coladas. BTW, red stripe beer is good stuff!
    8. The island……..OMG the island! It was our first AN experience and the island was the perfect place to experience it. We were there every day except one red flag day (more on that below in the Cons. section). I could write 2 pages on how the experience was both sexual, for me and the wife, as well as layed back and friendly as many others have posted before. Needless to say, we are hooked and can’t wait to get back.
    9. We met more nice couples on this vacation than on every other vacation we’ve ever been on put together. I think the atmosphere and the fact that it is couples only (no children) allow people to relax and enjoy themselves more.
    1. It is nearly a 2 hour van ride from the airport to the resort. No one’s fault, just wish it wasn’t so far.
    2. Bob Marley shots taste like $h-t but they will knock you on your arse!
    3. It was very windy every day so they really need to get a boat that they aren’t afraid to take people to the island in when the seas get a little rough. The boat they use is a pontoon boat (a small one at that) and they aren’t all that stable when the seas are rough so the potential is there to miss an island day if it’s extra windy. We missed one day which wouldn’t have been that bad except it was our last day, we were already spoiled and the wife got tan lines…..she wasn’t happy. It’s only about 150 yards from the dock to the island so get a little better boat and this will never be an issue.
    4. The Veranda restaurant was a little slow but we were never in a hurry so it didn’t really matter.
    5. Nightly entertainment was a little weak so don’t go there with the idea that there is music and dancing half the night. The steel drum group however, was amazing.

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    Regarding the boat to TI - the pontoon is a vast improvement over what they used to have, and has undoubtedly reduced the number of days where you couldn't get to island.

    Great review!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allans_Angel View Post
    Regarding the boat to TI - the pontoon is a vast improvement over what they used to have, and has undoubtedly reduced the number of days where you couldn't get to island.

    Great review!
    Yes, who could forget the Lil' Skipper?!! Anyway, as for Red Flag days, in 6 trips, with #7 next week, we've only had one Red Flag Day. Most of our friends headed over to SSB, but I had a spa appointment, so we stayed at the swim up pool bar. That day, we did watch the waves crash up and over the island. It made it pretty inhabitable.

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    Lol, isn't that the truth! Judy and I were there 2x in 1997. They used a little skiff. But it got us there. We are returning to our beloved Couples in JUST 5 Days! It's been 16 yrs....way too long. Can you say way too excited!!

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    Very nice review glad you enjoyed it welcome to the family. PS it's nice to here someone talk up CTI for a change.

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    Yea, I was told by repeaters that they used to use the little dingy that's still anchored by the dock. It's definitely an upgrade but still could use another.

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