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    Default Live from Couples Negril

    We are here at Couples Negril for our Honeymoon FINALLY. We booked 16 months ago and this is our first trip. I will say check in was kind of rough but after we made it to our room (Beach Front Suite) everything was amazing. The rooms are wonderful the view is amazing and just laying out on the deck is awesome. I can see why so many people love this place. We will be doing snorkeling tomorrow. Does any other vets have some suggestions?

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    Thurs is a great day to take the Cat Cruise, then come back and go to the Beach Party for dinner.

    Go meet the guys at the Scuba and Watersports Huts. All really awesome guys. If you meet Jovane, tell him Dan said to call him Barbie-licious. Also, do the free intro to scuba course. Talk to Sugar or Richard.

    Enjoy! I know you will...
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    Why was check in so rough?

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    Don't miss the cat cruise!!

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    Be sure and do the sunset catamaran cruise, lots of fun. Congrats and enjoy!!!!
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    Cat cruise all the way!!! We did it twice and both times had a totally different experience.

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    Took over 2 hours to get into our room but didn't matter nearly as much once we got into the room. The views are amazing and its awesome to lay in bed and stare at the ocean.

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