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    Default Snorkeling Gear at CSA

    Does the resort loan out snorkeling gear so that you can snorkel along the beach or do you need to bring your own for that?

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    You have to bring your own. Snorkel gear is for the snorkel trips only.

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    Technically you are not supposed to snorkel along the beach. So NO they do not loan gear for that. We bring our own gear and have snorkeled very early in the morning along the beach with not problems. Note that there are very few people at the beach at 6:00 AM.
    I would not even attempt it during the peak of the day!

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    They do loan out snorkel gear when you go on the snorkel tour. There is nothing to see in the swimming area at CSA, it is a sandy bottom. Although, I did see a ray swim thru once.

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    You need to bring your own gear if you want to snorkel along the beach. There isn't a whole lot to see since the sea bottom is soft sand (no rocks, no coral, no sea grass). However, in January we saw quite a few sea stars every day and the occasional stingray (mostly in the early morning). The CSA snorkel gear is for people on the snorkel boat only.

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    WE took our own and then took a hobbie cat out to a reef and did our own snorkel trip. It was super fun.

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    @Bearso could you give some more details on how you did your own snorkel trip like that? How far out was the reef? In which direction? How long were you gone? Did anyone seem to care? Did you just lower the sail and start snorkeling or did you anchor to something? Stuff like that. That sounds like a lot of fun and I think we'd like to give it a try.

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