We just got back from a week at CSA. My son got married 6/20/13. We paid extra for an Ocean VS and the rest of us took Garden VS. My son had the worst view of all of us. We were in Buildings 8 and 10, third floor corner rooms and they were great. We asked a beach singer, Iceblock, to sing at the wedding and he was great. He asked for $20 but he was so good we gave him $50. Someone else hired a steel drum band for $900 and they weren't as good. My biggest issue was the price of the photos. The photographer took 275 wonderful pictures but the kids only got like 15 with their package and the rest of us had to buy a cd at $20 per picture. The whole cd would have been like $2500. Someone posted that they hired an outside photographer to shoot pics at a fraction of the cost, just an idea. Kinda sad to spend so much for ten people to go and then you can't afford all the pictures. The resort was wonderful, the beach was great, the staff is warm and friendly, the food was good, the watersports were fun, and yes I would go back. But I'm still pissed about the lost pictures and the memories left behind.