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    Default Can you now make advance dining reservations before arrival at CTI?

    I saw a post on TripAdvisor that you can make dining reservations at CTI before you arrive. Does anyone know if this is true? I would love to take care of this in advance if possible. No reason other than it's the first thing I do after checking in, and if the first thing I do after checking is a shot of Bob Marley, that would be even better! We've never had trouble getting our preferred times in September but just checking.

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    No, I'm sorry you cannot. We would love to be able to do it as well. We do it right after we change into swimsuits. Just more mis-information from our friends at TA. (NOT)

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    Not being able to make reservations until you get to the resort , not being able to make reservations more then 3 days out and only one reservation per restaurant at a time is wonderful. Without these policies the reservation restaurants would have the same issues as the palapas have on the beach.

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    No, you can't at any of the locations and I like that we can't and hope this policy doesn't change. It is really not that big of deal, and only takes about 5 minutes. I've stayed at resorts where you make reservation request ahead of time by email and others where reservations can only be made the morning of the day you want the reservation. I like the way Couples currently handles and I've never waited in line more than a few minutes to speak with a concierge.

    Making reservations before hand would just mean more for Couples to keep up with and more chance of upset guests if a reservation gets lost or accidentally set aside and forgotten. Another good reason to not change this.....SR bookings, non-emailers (and yes there are still people that are not internet savvy) and potential 1st timers who don't know to book ahead would always get only what was left over.

    I think the one thing we might all agree is good that Couples treats all of their quests equal.

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    I will say that my now wife and I got married at CSS in March. While we were working with the wedding coordinator prior to arriving at the resort, we were able to make our dinner reservations through her, so that when we arrived, all of the suppers for our 9 day stay were taken care of. But I am sure this is an exception to the rule since we were getting married there. Also, because our reservations were made ahead of our arrival, our room number was not listed on the reservations, and last name on the reservations was "wedding." This made it a little more difficult for the restaurants to find our reservation, but no worries mon, all is good.

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    Another reason, there are enough people who reserved while they are there and don't show up. That number would probably increase if you could reserve ahead of time. Fewer seats for those that are ready for dinner.

    You CAN book private dinners ahead of time, maybe that is what the poster on TA was talking about in their review.

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    You guys! Seriously! I was just asking if this policy has changed! If it had, I just would've hated to find out too late. It's all good. No worries, mon. We got no issues with making them when we get there, truly. And we've never had problems getting our times/days either.

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    I'm very glad to hear that this hasn't changed, and I hope that it doesn't. The current system seems to work great to ensure that all guests have access to all of the restaurants in a more-or-less equal manner.

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    I know with CSA you can. We made our dinner resverations months ago and we're going to be there next week.

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    We just got back from CTI and had no problems booking any of our dinner reservations. We got the times we wanted a day or two in advance with no worries.
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