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    Default IPhone waterproof case??

    We are going to CTI (first timers!) in a couple weeks and we usually take most of our picture with our iphones...wondering if anyone has used any of the waterproof cases for snorkeling, Dunn Rivers etc... We have an underwater camera but the iphone takes such better pictures! Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

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    I saw a report on the news last year that a ziploc bag provides the same protection from water than any waterproof case. Since i saw that i always use ziplocs for my phone and ipad around the pool and beach and never had an issue.

    Now, dunns river falls, i dont know if i would chance it, with any case, as you are being soaked with water. You would also have to have a pocket to hold since when you climb the falls you will be holding hands with others.

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    My wife and I will also be there coming up June 30th and I purchased a lifeproof case for my I phone 4s so I can take underwater pictures. I've tested it at home in the sink and tub and it works perfect. While I haven't used it yet at CTI this is the case I would suggest.

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    I used one of these successfully on a trip.

    DiCAPac WPI10 Waterproof Case for iPhone

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    I have a "Lifeproof" case.
    Waterproof and works turn out fine, even under water.

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    There are a bunch of different cases available from where I ordered some of my scuba equipment at Buy scuba gear, scuba diving and snorkeling equipment, and everything underwater from if you search for iphone. I wasn't sure which model you had, so hard to make a specific recommendation

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    There are lot of iphone cases available to use for under water photography, personally i used Hitcase Pro Waterproof Case, with this case you can take 170 degree custom wide angle camera lens for underwater shots, it is Waterproof up to 30 feet (10 meters) and it is touch and camera friendly but if you want to listen music in water , this case is not best option.

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    I use this one for my Iphone. I don't deliberately take in under water, but I don't worry about sand or water. Plus, since I listen to music and books when in the water on a float I love that it has an earphone jack. Aquapac Mp3 Player Case 518: MP3 Players & Accessories

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    I have a Lifeproof case and it has been underwater many times! after about a year I am told the gaskets start to wear out so just be cautious then. otherwise they are very rugged and work great... not to mention much slimmer than some of the other cases I have seen.

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    I would only use an iPhone "waterproof" case if I could afford to lose the iPhone (meaning I would never bring my iPhone into the water).
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    My co-worker used the lifeproof case when she went snorkling last month, but water still got in the case and ruined her iphone! Made me very cautious about bringing my phone anywhere near the water (we're just going to buy a $50 submergible digital camera - much cheaper to replace!!)

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