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    The hubby and I spent 10 wonderful days at CSA. We were there from 04/26-05/05/13. This was our first time to Couples and as a matter of fact our first vacation, period! Clearly our experience is limited so I can't compare Couples with another AI but regardless we had a great time.
    We have both fallen in love with CSA. We agreed that CSA was a place we will return to. (I'm hoping we can do it each year on our anniversary but that will remain to be seen as we have young children and a budget).

    I have to admit our first day there I was a bit skeptical. When we arrived I'm sure we did what most people do which is unpack. From there we got our swimsuits on and headed to the beach (the most wonderful beach I have ever seen), picked a spot we liked and planted ourselves in the chairs. As I laid there I couldn't relax (I suppose that the curse of being a mother). I felt as if I should be doing something and then I began to panick. I thought there is no way I am going to last all 10 days if I can't just sit and relax.
    Then came supper. We went to the Palms. It was a Friday night so they had their "beachparty" theme. I tried several different items and I didn't like any of it and I'm not a picky eater... the panick returned. I can't relax and I don't like the food. Oh my, 9 more days of this. I thought I had made a huge mistake...

    We went back to our room and got a good night sleep. Woke up the next morning and went to the fitness center for a workout. We liked the fitness center. It had everything we needed and it wasn't crowded. Things are looking up!
    After our workout we went back to our room to get showered and ready for breakfast. We again went to the Palms. After supper the night before I was a bit worried. My fears were quickly calmed... it was the most wonderful breakfast buffet. I ate myself silly. The banana french toast was awesome as was everything else. I have never in my life had such flavorful pineapple. After that, every single meal I took massive servings of the pineapple because it was just so good. OK... things are continuing on the upswing.
    From there we again headed to the beautiful beach. We found a suitable location and planted ourselves in the lounge chairs. I, once again, felt a bit twitchy just sitting there doing nothing. It wasn't as bad as the first day but the feeling was still there. Well, by the 3rd day I had successfully learned how to relax. I was fully enjoying just lying on the beach doing absolutely nothing. (I wish I was doing that right now)

    I can't say enough good about CSA. Our room was clean, the grounds are beautiful, the food was great (except that first night),
    the staff was nice. We loved every minute of it. Thank you to CSA for a wonderful 10 days. Looking forward to returning home sometime in the near future.

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    I must agree, we cannot believe how good the fruit is , jim especially likes the pineapple and oranges. So glad you had a great trip and hope you get back soon.

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    We were also there for our first time from 4/26-5/3. I wasn't impressed with the food at the beach party. I was more disappointed that it wasn't held on the beach because we didn't get any rain that day! Glad to know that things got better for you guys as it did for us too!

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    Glad you enjoyed your first trip to couples and the art of doing nothing. We have learned that the first day does not count. We are to tiered and crabby from traveling to enjoy much of anything and that clouds our judgement.

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