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    Default First Stay at Sans Souci and Couples

    My Husband and I were recent visitors at Couples Sans Souci. We were on the property a week and did not want to leave.

    Couples the resort:

    - Loved their all inclusive set up. No resort in Jamaica gives you more.
    - They found a way to do high end and laid back.
    - You could do everything or nothing.

    Sans Souci Property:
    - Grounds are immaculate
    - Landscaping is gorgeous
    - Variety and amount of foliage is astounding...very lush.
    - Loved the little lizards
    - We were there when Charlie died. That turtle was a fun addition and will be missed.

    Food & Drinks:
    - Food was amazing.
    - Bella Vista was my favorite for dinner. Go for lobster night!
    - I liked the other restaurants too but they are pretty formal in their service.

    - Staff friendly and very helpful.
    - It was always "No problem mon!"

    - Stayed in G block, loved the view and the steps. The steps made it possible to eat desert at every meal. G block is not for knee injured folk!

    Visit San will not regret it!

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    Glad you enjoyed your trip! Just one comment about the restaurants: We particularly like the fact that it's more formal, but it's also nice to have casual options. I like the fact that people get cleaned up and look nice after a day lying about in the sun, and we really enjoy the presentation and service. Having said that, I'm not sad that they have made it more casual than it was previously, when a jacket was required for men. While everybody arrived looking very nice, the men who dined outside looked decided unhappy by the end of the meal (or wrinkled, if they chose the "cooler" option of linen. That's all aisde from teh fact that my husband would look like a completely drowned rat if he had to wear a jacket in that heat and humidity.

    I guess it all boils down to preference, and if we all liked the same thing, the world would be a pretty boring place. Hats off to Couples for seeming to accomodate just about everybody's desires.

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    Love it! Never saw a bullet point review ~ looks like you covered everything you nailed it!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Glad to hear that your trip was all you wanted it to be. Thanks so much for the review!!!

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    Thanks for the review! My fiance and I will are getting married in June and will be honeymooning at CSS for a week. You're review definitely gets me excited for next year!

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