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    Default Late night snacks at CN?

    Booked CN for next Feb today, never been to Negril before. Does CN have 24 hour food available? If not what time does the last restaurant close? Also is there anywhere nearby where you can grab some fast food, Pizza, Jerk Chicken, Burgers etc?

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    See your earlier post I replied to.

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    The beach grill is open during the day and then again from 11pm to 5am, however we never ventured out for that. You will not go hungry, believe me. great burgers at the beach grill!

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    PLENTY to eat at CN - we love to eat and we never go hungry - Lots to eat and Lots to drink... food is available ALMOST 24/7...
    There's even a popcorn machine in the game room if you can't find any other munchies....
    ENJOY - You are in for a FABULOUS vacation!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    The Beach Grill is the place for you. It has the best hamburgers, jerk chicken and pizza. We loved eating it for lunch and also if we were still hungry late at night but I am going to tell you after a full day of eating and drinking at Couples, you won't be hungry late at night.

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    Unfortunately a few years back, due to airline delays we didn't arrive to CN and get into our rooms until about 12:30am and the Beach Grill was such a welcome sight as we were starved! That had to be the best tasting cheeseburger I ever had! That's one of the many things you can be guaranteed.... Couples will take of your hunger needs!

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