I know that Karen is no longer the manager at CN and I have read a few things on Facebook that have made me a bit nervous. CN has always been our favorite...is it that bad now? I always enjoyed the laid back attitude of not only the other guests but the staff as well. I love the fact that the same staff members are there year after year and it enhances the whole "coming home" feeling. We are looking to book our 5th trip because we love the staff and how wonderful they make our vacation. Guests and particularly repeaters are the reason why Couples are constantly winning Trip Advisor awards etc. And if you look at the reasons the guests love Couples so much...it's because of the staff. Please remember that we are adults and please don't blame the staff for how some of the guests act...all the staff is ever trying to do is make us happy. It is not their place to judge us or set restrictions on us...they are not there to babysit us while we are on vacation.

We work very very hard to be able to afford to come home to Couples Negril. And CN will no longer feel like home if certain staff members leave because they no longer feel CN is a good place to work. It can't be easy dealing with a bunch of drunk adults day in and day out and some of the demands..the staff handles it ALL with the utmost professionalism and always with a smile. Do not realize that too late.