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    Well, I hope you can identify the people who took the docking stations based on which rooms they went missing from. I'm shocked that anyone would do such a thing. Frankly, I assumed the clock radios were attached to the wall.

    As to "why" anyone would book the first week? I suppose a) because that's when our holiday was scheduled - many of us who work don't have the luxury of changing dates whenever we please and, rather than choose a completely different brand in a different country, we opted for Barbados; b) based on prevous posts, we were assured all work would be completed by June 15th; c) because it is a Couples brand, we assumed it would be up to par with the other resorts.
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    We made the mistake in the beginning by not hard wiring the docking stations into the power outlet. Fixing that now.

    I am closing this thread and have started another titled "Couples Barbados Questions and Answers"

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