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    Default Do you want the good news or the bad news?

    The good news is that I just booked CSA for our 20th anniversary!!!!

    The bad news.....We just celebrated our 18th anniversary earlier this week.

    I never expected to have a countdown start at 905 days. Oh well, at least it's a countdown. Soon come!
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I know what you mean I booked our 25th anniversary trip to CTI back in April. However our 25th isn't until next June. 364 days.

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    I guess my 302 days isn't so bad

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    Wow you got me beat I booked at a little over 500 days out and have 403 to go, but I agree a countdown is better than no countdown any day of the week.

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    And before anyone questions the math...

    Our anniversary is June 17 but we prefer to go to Jamaica when it's colder here at home. It'll still be an anniversary trip only in December. That's how we get to 905 days. I guess I'll wrap something tropical or Jamaican and give it to her on our actual 20th anniversary and let her know about the trip then. Or maybe I'll have Randy give her a call then. Who knows? I just hope I can keep it a secret for two years.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    60 days for us!

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    We booked around 500 days out so I feel your pain! We are now down to 98 and with summer I'm sure October will be here soon, but the wait the last year has been a killer!

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