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    Default CSA pictures link

    Here is a link to view some of the resort pictures we took during our trip April 26-may3. I have a little bit of everything. Trying to narrow it down was a pain in the butt!

    Flickr: lakeh2o's Photostream

    Any guests leaving for CSA soon....have so much fun, you'll love it!!!!

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    Very nice!!

    Anyone wondering about the menus at CSA should check out these photos.

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    Thanks for the pictures - I'm even more excited now and can hardly wait!

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    Great pics! We'll be there in 10 days...can't wait!!!!!

    Are there really that many crabs everywhere??!! I'm terrified of them!

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    Awesome photos!

    Going in Sept. for 1st time. Martinis look real good...

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    Great pictures !!! We will be enjoying everything again in Jan. 2014

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    Such awesome picture!! We leave for our first trip at the end of I'm even more excited after seeing your pictures!! Thanks for posting the menus, too...everything sounds delicious!!

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    i loved your pics! can you tell me what kind of camera you used? they turned out so clear, we are headed down in a couple months and i need a new camera. thanks for your help,and the pics! dena

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    Thanks for sharing those great pictures. We are going in a few months and your wonderful pictures just brought me right there. Also, I love reading menus, so thanks for posting those too! We love CSA. It's beautiful.

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    Amazing pictures! I woke up this morning really needing my Jamaican fix so I threw on my "No problem" shirt and some coconut spray hoping that would do it, however it was your photos that made my day

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    I'm glad everyone enjoyed the camera that was used was the Pentax Optio wg-2. Its an underwater camera I received for my birthday a week before the trip. I loved the quality of pictures. I took pictures of the menus because the website only lists sample menus and I really wanted to see what was offered so I could share that with future guests.

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    Thanks! We are going September 14-21st...our first time.
    Erin & Patrick

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    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Your pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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