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    Default Scuba diving from Couples Barbados

    Just wondering if anybody has been scuba diving yet with West side scuba. Peter Grannum the owner was very helful when he replied to my email. He accepts all International dive certificates so my husband Naui is no problem. There is a list on their web page outlining the cost of additional dives. E.G. $60 for a one tank dive. Hopefully "Couples" can negotiate a cheaper rate for their clients once thngs have settled down.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Thanks for posting bobbyh! I didn't realize that you have to pay for diving after having used up your complimentary dives. That changes my plan on visiting CB in the future as I went on 12 dives at CN in May and is one of the main reasons we go to Couples resorts.

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    Randymon clarified in another thread that the dive operator for CB is The Dive Shop - Barbados Diving: The Dive Shop Ltd. - SCUBA in Barbados since 1965! - and extra dives cost $85US each. We will be going to CB in a few weeks, and I've contacted Fatema at The Dive Shop. If you have questions about diving at CB, then I suggest you ask Fatema. She will respond quickly and accurately.

    Here are a couple of things I've learned from Fatema so far:
    - Evena at the CB activities desk will help us book dive times and will issue us vouchers to give The Dive Shop.
    - Fatema confirmed the number of vouchers per person depending on length of stay (1 up to 6 nights, 2 for 7-14 nights, 4 for 14+ nights).
    - Cost of additional dives are per the regular dive shop rate (which shows $60US for single tank, $100US for two tank, both with full rental - check rate page yourself, these appear to be the lowest on the island).
    - Pick up at CB is around 8:40am for the 10:00am dives (see dive schedule on The Dive Shop's schedule page).
    - Two tank dives involve coming back to shop during surface interval to swap tanks - most dive sites are very close to shop.
    - Two tank dive would finish 1:30-2:00pm.
    - No Nitrox.
    - Transportation is provided by CB shuttle.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have dived with numerous operations in Barbados over the last 10 years including both The Dive Shop and West Side Scuba. To be honest, they have all been good experiences. I used West Side Scuba last August when they were based on the west coast and I thought they were excellent. I was going to use them again this coming August but unfortunately, they have moved to the south coast which is good news for people staying at Couples, but a bit of a trek from Holetown on the west coast! You won't find any operator with the superb dive boats at the couples resorts have in Jamaica, but they are adequate and the diving is good. Turtles are plentiful.

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    Hi guys and Randymon

    We're only interested in snorkelling and as there is no offer of a beginners course for scuba - can other guests use our dive allocation ?

    Mikey & Rachel x

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    Thanks Countryboy! Do you know if all gear, including wetsuits, are included for Couples guests? Usually gear rental is extra, but at Couples it is always free. We don't want to bring all our gear for just 2 dives. We were thinking just our masks/snorkels and maybe shorties.

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    Thanks for your reply. I am confused as to whither the extra dives are $85 per Randymon or $60 per Dive shop web page. I would imagine that the web page would be correct.

    Has anybody dived from Couples ?

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    Default Scuba Diving In Barbados

    Just wondering if this is a way for Couples to weed out the divers that go to their resort.?

    Like others that go to Couples in Jamaica we both dive and go for two weeks and both dive every day guess we will not be going to Barbados. Too bad, as I am sure not everyone who is going to Barbados dive.
    Hope that Couples can work this out for those of us who dive.

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