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    Default Really Excited and Curious!

    My wedding is 314 days away and better yet... the honeymoon! I wanted to go to Jamaica so bad, and I was just not into the whole sandals resort... and THANK GOODNESS... that I stumbled onto the couples website, I fell in love... at first sight!

    My fiance and I are torn between CTI and CSA. I really like the rooms at CSA including the Atrium Suites and the Beachfront Verandah Suites. From the pictures I like the environment better at CTI than CSA. We are young, we will be 22 and 21 on our honeymoon, so maybe that will help choosing between the two! To me from what I have read, it seems that there is more to do at CTI... I would love any and all pictures you may have of either resort, and any info on the rooms at CTI. Help me decide between the two.. PLEASE!

    I am just so excited to go there, I have never been anywhere in my life, not even on an airplane! So this is going to be an amazing trip. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of your posts and hope that some of you veteran couples visitors can help us out! Thank you! We will be there 8/8/10-8/14/10... only 315 days!


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    I can't speak to the comparison of CTI over CSA as I've only been to CSA and it totally owns me...hahaha.

    However, good choice on Couples over "S". I totally wanted to go to Couples for our honeymoon, but we let a travel agent talk us into an S resort...big mistake. Couples has so much more to offer at such a better price and doesn't come with the side of cheese an S resort does (i.e., the "playmakers" doing the limbo around the pool).

    You will love whichever Couples you pick.

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    We have been to both and it's a tough call.

    There IS more to do at CTI and around the Ocho Rios area. Negril (and CSA ) is more laid-back and has the better beach. If you have 10 days minimum, stay at both,

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    If you want a private resort with out vendors, locals or others walking the beach then CTI is it. For more things to do then CTI is your place. For a big beach then CSA is your place.

    The staff CTI are the best you will get, they are the heart of the resort. For pictures of the new CTI look at my profile.

    Go with the resort that is calling you, what ever you decide you will not go wrong. They are both great.

    Enjoy your honeymoon and relax.
    Irie Mon

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    We have been to both.
    I have not been to CTI since the renovations. We did like our stay there. Food was great, resort very well kept and lovely. The beach is private so no out side vendors and such.
    We went to CSA next and loved it there. We like being able to walk for miles on the beach, visit the shops and bars along the way. CSA is more spread out and we enjoy wandering the paths and such.
    CTI also has Tower Island for nude sunbathing whereas CSA does not have anywhere for nude sunbathing.
    While CTI has more included activities, there is so much more to do at CSA since you can easily walk off the resort. We sometimes walk for hours along the beach, talking with the local people, visiting the shops and bars.
    Depends on what you are looking for.

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    CSA all the way! CTI has a private beach with little activity. CSA's beach has a ton of stuff to do including walking up the beach to meet the locals. Just my opinion. MAyfield Falls is also an awesome trip you should take....

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    WOW, your first experience going anywhere is going to be Couples? How lucky are you!!!

    CTI is wonderful, you won't regret it for a minute. The resort is beautiful and the staff and the guests are the best around. You will be spoiled rotten by the time you get home. What a way to start your lives together!!!

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    CSA as I always say! First time there and you will be hooked for life. We were!!!

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    Wow! I'm excited FOR you! You are going to be soooo spoiled after this trip! It will wreck you for all future vacations! I would recommend has the most inclusions, and definitely do them all...horseback riding , Dunns River Falls trip, cat cuise, etc. You'll love love love it!!

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    Congratulations! I can't speak for CSA but have been to CTI and loved it. Here's some pictures of that resort: Our room was an Ocean Jr. Suite.

    Enjoy whichever resort you choose...there is no such thing as a bad Couples Resort.

    Bart & Bug

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    Take a look at what each resort offers that interest you. Are you interested in Dunn's River Falls, horse back riding the mountains, an A/N area - then CTI is the best choice. What about long walks on a beautiful beach, a sports center, Rick's cliff diving - then CSA would be the choice. While none of us can tell you which resort is the best for you (we can only give our opinion of what we like), we can all agree to stay away from the "S" resorts...

    Congrats on your upcoming marriage!!!

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