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    We are set to go to CSS in August. If we do a trading places and get to CTI and there is a red flag day, do we have to stay?
    And, can we go any day, or only selected days? We were at CTI last Sept and opted out on trading places because we were so intrigued by the island. Just expanding our horizons this year...

    Ken and Deb.

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    Before you get on the bus, ask guest services if CTI is having a red flag day. one call and you will know. You can return from CTI at any time but you will pay for the taxi( $10 to $20). Trading places is Mon., Wed. & Fri.

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    Trading Places is MWF. If you get there and want to return to CSS, it is usually at your expense. We went to CSS one year and wanted to go back early. It was $30 for a taxi but we shared the cost with other friends that went with us. I have heard of others that have been able to get a shuttle back to the resort they are staying.

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