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    Default Now i can't choose the resort!


    I thought i had decided on CSS and now as i've seen a lower price for CTI i'm not sure which one to go for. My boyfriend and I are 25 and are on a budget but do want a wonderful time. My dad has visited CSS and adores it. However, he has a bit more money than us!

    I understand that there is no mini bar in the rooms unless you get a suite...but CSS has this in all rooms. Not sure how often we would really drink in the room. If we did want a drink could we get them brought up? Also, is the beach and pool as nice at CTI? Is there a swim up bar?

    Also, is the nightlife/restaurants anygood at CTI?

    I love the idea of the horseriding at CTI-that is swinging my decision slightly!

    Help please if you can! Thanks!

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    IF you choose CTI, you will not regret it. Not only do you get the horseback riding, but you also get the cat cruise aka booze cruise. Both excursions are a blast and we never miss either one!!

    YES, you can bring anything back to the room that you want. We bring drinks back for when we are getting ready for dinner and we bring desserts back after dinner. No problem mon!!

    YES it has a swim-up bar. The food is phenomenal, and the night life is what you make it. There has been plenty of nights that we didn't make it back to the room until well past 3am.

    Remember CTI just spent millions of dollars re-doing the entire resort.

    Good luck with your decision!!

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    I really can't decide still!!! Can anyone help!!???

    I'm really torn. Here are the things that i'm torn with

    1) Minibar and room service at CSS sounds fab.
    2) Is there more nightlife at CSS?
    3) The rooms are newer at CTI.
    4) More excursions at CTI.
    5) More choice of food at CSS?
    6) CTI is cheaper.
    7) CSS has a living area...CTI doesn't.
    8) We are there only for a week.
    9) CSS has lots of beutiful views.
    10)CTI has been described as high rise!

    I'm concerend that if we do get a bit peckish during the day or want a drink in the room we won't be able to do this at CTI. For example I like to have a drink while i'm getting ready for dinner.

    With regards to breakfast/lunch at the two resorts what are the differeces?

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    Go to CTI. Keep to your budget and you will not regret it. CTI is our favorite and we have been to CN and CSS also. We will be back at CTI next weekend to see what she looks like after 30 million dollars of facelift. While the mini bar and room service is very nice at CSS, CTI has more restaurant choices and more inclusions. Why don't you sign up for the rewards card and do the trading places for the day and see what you think of both while your there, as I'm sure you will love both and be back again.

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    Do the week at CTI and take advantage of the excursions. Make sure you do a trading places for one day at CSS! No matter where you choose you will have an awesome time! We love them both! We did a week at CTI in April and we are going to CSS next month.

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    I would def go to CTI - as you said the price is less... We stayed at CTI 4 times - several years back.... We have been told by many friends that it is EVEN better now after all the renovations....
    CTI/COR is the first Jamaica vacation that we ever took and we have been back to Jamaica 20 more times so it surely left a Wonderful impression.
    The food at CTI has always been wonderful and you must meet Ulysees "First Class" at the Breakfast Buffet - we still remember him after all these years - he's wonderful.... another must is dinner at Bayside - which is right above the water - breathtaking and super romantic...
    Do NOT worry about the mini bar in the room - you absolutely will NOT go thirsty. I love to drink and often at Couples I'll just get water because I'm actually tired of alcohol...they take wonderful care of everyone...
    I don't think we would ever order room service in Jamaica - it is so much fun to get dressed for dinner and walk around and meet up with all your new friends at the resort....
    You will not miss a "living room" - you are in Jamaica - one of the best parts of the trip is spending as much time outdoors as possible...
    We think that you will be very very Happy with CTI...
    Just Do It!! AND don't look back!!!
    ENJOY - Cheers!!! A & F
    Art xo Francine

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    Why not do a split vacation? We're doing our 1st Jamaica in Nov and will start at CN and then move to CTI.

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    Wow - I don't envy your hubby and I did the same thing twice! We chose CSS both times but this coming trip we will take a day pass to CTI to check it out. Here are our thoughts and maybe they can help:

    1. We wanted room service all day and mini bar....did we use them? Only a couple of times on the room service but every day when we went to change for dinner we liked to have a drink/beer/water while getting ready and sometimes when we got back to the room early in the evening we would have a drink on the was nice to have the convenience of the minibar and room service for last minute snacks...

    2. Nightlife? They both have it but CSS is probably quieter once 11:00 pm hits......

    3. Most of the rooms at CSS have been remodeled but no mistaken that CTI has been recently redone...

    4. My hubby doesn't horseback ride and the catamaran cruise was something we were willing to give up to have the option of a a/n beach and pool and grill versus the island....that is probably what put CSS over the edge.

    5. I don't know about choice, but the food is fabulous!!! So fresh and tasteful!!

    6. CTI is less expensive however every room at CSS is a suite/ocean view.

    7. Living area?? Not sure what you are talking about.

    8. A week in heaven is wonderful!!

    9. CSS has so many nooks and crannies and beauty that we spent 8 days there, are going back for 9 more and STILL are seeing stuff on the MB we didn't get a chance to see/do at CSS....too much relaxing and just laying by the beach/pool enjoying being together.

    10. High rise? Guess that is up to the person describing.....

    11. One of the biggest reasons we chose CSS is the size of the resort. We liked that CSS has the least amount of rooms and is so intimate and relaxing....don't get me wrong, ANY couples is fantastic....we were just looking at the size, number of rooms, ocean view, etc. Also, my hubby doesn't like to be in the sun all day and CSS has a LOT of umbrellas on both beaches and by both pools so we never had to go without one....sounds silly but a big deal to him.

    Hope this helps!!

    Hope this helps......I know it sounds a little one sided and I don't mean it that way, just wanted to tell you why we chose CSS.....we do know quite a few couples that love CTI so you can't lose either way....good luck!

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    So, you're 25 and on a budget. Never been to a Couples before. Comparing amenities. Here's my advice... try, as hard as it can be, to look at the situation this way: YOU CAN'T LOSE either way! They are both Couples Resorts, and are both great. You will give up, and gain, a few different amenities at either one. You're young. Think of this as the first of many trips to Couples, not your once-in-a-lifetime chance.

    My wife and I are on our way back to CSS for the fourth year in a row in late November. But from reading your post, I'm thinking you should try CTI first, then plan on Sans Souci for a future trip. That would be easier on your budget. I don't think you will miss the mini-bar. There is plenty to drink during the course of the day. The food is great at either resort. You won't spend so much time in the room to really miss a "living area." (Hopefully, much of that time in your room will be on that big, soft, comfortable rectangular thing!)

    The horseback riding and Cat-cruise are great perks. I wish they had those at CSS. You will love either place. Think only about what you are going to get, not what you might miss. Don't fall victim to "the grass is greener..." syndrome. You and boyfriend are in for a treat no matter what you decide. Have a great time, and post us a report on your return.

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    Okay Dizzy_gal_linds, here goes...
    1) Minibar and room service at CSS sounds fab.
    - We've stayed at both CSS and CTI and like having the frig and room service provided at CSS.
    2) Is there more nightlife at CSS?
    - Night life at both is comparable.
    3) The rooms are newer at CTI.
    - Yes, CTI has been completely renovated while most of the rooms at CSS have been redone.
    4) More excursions at CTI.
    - A plus for sure!!
    5) More choice of food at CSS?
    - Actually CTI has more restaurants than CSS.
    6) CTI is cheaper.
    - This is true but you've got to make sure you're getting your money's worth!
    7) CSS has a living area...CTI doesn't.
    - Also confused...unless you're talking about the larger suites at CSS.
    8) We are there only for a week.
    - In that case I agree with Toddnnancy's suggestion to do a split stay. We did that earlier this year and it was great!
    9) CSS has lots of beutiful views.
    10)CTI has been described as high rise!
    - I believe the answers to be "yes" to both 9 & 10 but here's some pics of both resorts...see what you think: At CTI we stayed in an Ocean Jr. Suite and at CSS were in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite.
    With regards to breakfast/lunch at the two resorts what are the differeces?
    - Not much. Both have breakfast and lunch buffets as the main choice with a jerk grill as an option.

    Hopefully we've given you some answers that will help with your decision. Either way...I don't think you'll be unhappy. We've been to both CTI and CSS and are so sure that Couples does not have a bad resort we're trying a CSA/CSS split in 2010. Enjoy your stay at whichever resort you choose.

    Bart & Bug

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    Hey everyone!

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply.

    Just to let you know, i made a swift decision after an immense amount of research and have booked a delux ocean view at.......CTI! We paid £600 each for the room which was still within our budget. Thankfully we got awesome flight prices with British Airways direct into Montego Bay....£390 each! My dad is retired BA staff. In total less than £1000 each! Well chuffed with that!

    I'm a teacher, so to go for 2 weeks or 10 days would be fabulous over the Easter break but we thought we'd go for a week and see how it is. I'm definitly going to sign up to do the trading places.

    Just a quick question regarding transfers, I booked through an independent travel agents. In order to get my transfers do i just need to pass all of the details over to the couples management?

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    We started at COR (CTI) when we were 24 and only missed last year due to the renovations. The up side was that we were able to visit CSS.

    Both resorts, their staff, their grounds, their service, etc are exceptional.

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    Since your TA has already booked you for CTI, when you get to the airport go to the check in area for Couples. They will arrange your transportation to the resort. Be sure to sign up for the Romance Rewards program so on future visits you can get the perks of being a repeat guest. I don't think you'll be able to do the "Trading Places" since that's a Romance Rewards perk for repeaters.

    Enjoy your vacation!

    Bart & Bug

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    When are you going? If you can wait a couple weeks to book, you can see if there are any Wednesday specials that apply to your situation.

    I personally love CSS, but I haven't been to CTI, and hence I'm not really qualified to comment on it. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the resorts, and I understand that money is a big factor for a lot of people these days (including us). Perhaps a good Wednesday deal could be the big swing factor you're looking for.

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