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    Default Single Digit Dance!!!!

    It is officially 9 days until wheels up and we are on our way home to couples Negril!!! I am so excited I have no idea how I'll be able to get anything done at work from here till then. Looking forward to meeting new friends and experiencing our first RWB pool party!!! Thinking of packing tonight but it might still be a little too early. I had a question for those who have been recently. Do you see couples taking their own Tervis cups to keep drinks colder longer? Last time we were there 2011, we took cup koozies and it helped but if the Tervis cups made a huge difference, I would definitely pack those instead. Can anyway shed some light on this?
    Thank you!

    Tanya and Fabian

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    It is so fun when it's that close. We've got thirty six days left here... Can't believe we're almost there!

    Can't answer your cup question but I'm sure someone will

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    MsBehave03 I am right there with you only 9 more days! I have been spending hours on here trying to figure out what I need to pack! I am so overwhelmed, this will be my first trip and I dont want to forget anything but then I dont want to overpack.

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    We will be there in just a few short days. Come on Sunday get here already!!!!

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    Thanks for the post. I realized I can do the Single Digit Dance too. I a dancing!!!! See ya at CN. We arrive the same day.

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    For sure... Cups are welcome. The only problem I have with Tervis cups are they dont wash well. They look all cloudy. This time I got 20 oz Klean Kanteen SS cups. That will work out fine. Have fun you lucky ducks. 64 days for us...
    CTI April 2013
    CTI August 2013

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    We're doing the single digit dance too! Sooooo exciting! We'll be at CSA on the 29th!

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    11 more sleeps till CSA! Can't wait! Going for the first time to Couples.

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