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    Default Bob Marley museum

    Has anyone been to the Bob Marley museum ? Is it worth a visit ? we are staying CSS in Nov and would love to go.......any info would be greatly appreciated. Thx :-)

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    Do you mean Bob's birthplace at Nine Mile or the museum in Kingston? We hired a private driver and loved our trip to Nine Mile! You really get to see island during the drive.

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    We went to the museum in Kingston and really enjoyed it as well. The front desk helped us book a driver and he was wonderful. We ended up with another couple from England. Our driver did take us around the city a bit at our often do you have the opportunity to visit such a legendary city? Some people thought we were crazy, but being from Detroit we understand that there are good and bad about all big cities. Our driver took us to a really cool place for lunch too. It should also take you a lot less time to get there now because I think they should have that road finished that was more of a straight shot.

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    Thanks for the replies, thats great will try and check it out

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