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    Default question about repeaters dinner and flight for early booking special

    We just booked for Oct. 2010 and I was wondering when you get your flight info and if there is enough to change it if we need to. We always book through travel agents so this is new for us. Also, it will be our first time to CN but we have been to CSA. Are we eligible for the repeaters dinner or is it exclusive to the resort? Thanks in advance! I'm sure I'll have my questions answered.

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    Repeater's dinner is for anyone going back to a Couples Resort, it is not resort specific.

    As for you airline information. That will be with the receipt email that you got from the resort when you booked your stay. If you don't have that, call the mail number and they will give you the information.
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    Did you book your flight through the Couples website? They don't have flight information available until ~300 days before departure, so I don't think it would have been possible to make a flight reservation through Couples. You will just want to start pricing flights for your trip once they become available, keeping in mind that they will likely drop from their initial prices. Once you book your flight, just relay the info (flight carriers, flight numbers, arrival/departure times) to Couples via phone or email so they can add it to your reservation. I hope that helps.

    You are eligible for the Repeaters Dinner, so make sure you go experience that wonderful culinary delight!

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    Tickets can be purchase 330 days before your flight. You are eligible for the repeaters dinner, make sure you sign up for Romance Reward if you have not to get your points from your past trip. You can also do trading places and see CSA for a day.
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    Default I'm confused. I was under the impression I booked for hotel + air. Is it possible that it's too soon to have the flight info?...or do I have to provide that. I better look over my stuff again. lol! Thanks to everyone for the feedback, looking forward to the dinner. Also hoping to get back to CSA for a day or 1/2 day. Can't believe we're trying CN because we loved CSA so much, but I'm sure we'll love it too.

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    Yes, it's too soon for an October 2010 flight to be booked. So definitely check your paperwork because I'd bet you just booked the hotel.

    We always book our hotel and flight separately because for us it's cheaper. The hotel is only cheaper if you book way in advance (like you did), but flights are typically cheaper about five months in advance, so we wait and book our flights later. For instance, we always go to Couples in April. So for April 2010, we booked the hotel in May 2009. When the flights came out in June, they were $380. They have now jumped to $420. But historicall, they will drop to their lowest ($300) in January.

    Hope this helps!
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    Default're right. I guess I was so excited I wasn't paying attention! Thanks for the info about booking the flight. I normally wouldn't have booked this way, but I think it actually will end up being cheaper. I'll be on the lookout for cheap flights in Jan. Thanks again, we appreciate it.

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