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    Default CSA BFVS updates, renovations?

    I'm wondering the status of the CSA Beach Front Verandah Suite updates or renovations. I had read that there may be some updates or renovation made to the bathrooms and I was wondering if this project had been started and if anyone knows whether it is likely that some would be ready by September. Since the only thing I've read that anyone would change is updating the bathrooms I'm hoping to get a suite that has already been renovated.

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    I was wondering the same thing, but curious about the Garden Verandah Suites. Does anyone know?

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    Was just there and there was no renos going on! We had a GVS and ours needed no renos. Not sure on bfvs though.

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    I just left a Garden Verandah Suite last week and can't say as I noticed any renovations going on.

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