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    Default Been to CSS .. didn't like the stairs..

    So this being said. Does CN or CTI have all the stairs like CSS?
    I loved CSS but I don't want to do all those stairs again... is it just CSS?

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    I can't speak regarding CN but I can tell you we've been to CSS twice and just got back from CTI and I mentioned to my husband how much nicer it was to be closure to the pool/beach. CTI has very minimal stairs when compared to CSS and the resort is more compact so it's less walking.
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    CTI has elevators in Buildings 3, 4, & 5. There is not an elevator in Buildings 1 or 2, but the stairs are minimal. What I like about CTI is being right on the beach or right by the pool. There is not a lot of walking involved unless you are at the far end of the property in B5 and that is still not that far from anything.

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    That is one of the best parts about CSS. Been to other places and won't go back. CSS rocks just because of the setup

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    CSS is the only resort built into the cliffs so yes just CSS.


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    CSS is the only Couples Resort built into the hillside. The other three, CTI, CN, and our favorite CSA are on flat ground for the most part. A few steps here and there to get to a pool or beach but not like CSS. As for overall resort size CTI is the most compact, CN is second with a larger set back from the waters edge, and CSA is the largest and right on the beach.

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    I love csa by far but if it's compact you want, then you must try cn.

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    CN's buildings are 3 storeys, and none have an elevator. The only other stairs are leading from the pool up to the main lobbey.

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    I can honestly say that I don't like the stairs at CSS either BUT after all the great food and drinks for a whole week, those damned stairs helped so much that I didn't gain a pound!! And I don't work out at all! So...there's something to be said about the stairs!

    Oh BTW....there's 107 stairs from Pallazina up to the lobby. I should know...I counted them every single time we went up and down them. That equates to about 8 flights each time.
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    Book a beach front and the stairs are not an issue. We liked being by the beach because we could venture up the hills when we wanted, but didnt HAVE to. Also, if you stay on the beach and dine at Casanova you can request a ride if you are of limited mobility. We stayed on the ground floor of A bldg and LOVED it. (much to my surprise)

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    Just returned from our third trip to CSS (two weeks for each trip). I have had major ankle surgery and have arthritis in my ankle. Sometimes walking is very painful and difficult. Stairs can be a nightmare. At CSS the guys at the bell hop desk will respond quickly to any call for a lift from one part of the resort to another. We had lifts daily from and to SBB from G block and sometimes from the back of the Pallazzina restaurant (in the evening). Nothing is too much trouble for our 'family' at CSS and if you don't like stairs it should never really be too much of an issue. Of course, you can't really get a lift to the mineral pool and surrounding areas but that is about the long and short of it.

    Don't let stairs put you off if you love CSS (as we do) just call for a pick up.

    Whilst here..... a massive shout out for Hugh and the gang at the bell hop desk. You guys are a marvel and we can't wait to see you all again.

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    For those that may have already booked CSS and are reading this and worrying about getting around the resort...

    Don't panic - there are several ways to avoid the stairs:

    1> Book a beachfront room in C Building - these are on the same level as the main beach, main restaurant and most of the activities so unless you need to go to the reception area, you won't encounter too many stairs
    2> They'll pick you up! If you call the front desk, they'll come get you and give you a ride up the hills...

    Personally I like the stairs because they are there for a reason - the whole resort was built around the layout of the land - including the natural cliffs and this gives CSS plenty of private, quiet places to escape to... They can be a bit much towards the end of a stay though...

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    I'm not the epitomy of a healthy individual, but we really enjoyed CSS. We stayed in the rooms up on the cliff and spent nearly all our time down at SSB at the opposite end of the resort. We'd make the trek back to the room about twice a day on average. It wasn't all that bad in retrospect. However, next time we go, we are staying in an beachfront suite.

    If the stairs and spread out resort are a deal breaker for you, I say "good"! Smaller crowds at CSS!
    Seriously though, it is something to consider when booking a vacation.
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    Thank you all for the information you posted.
    We just finally decided to go to CN! I think we are going to like it
    but for the next trip I think we will try CSA!
    at least give them all a try and then decide where to go again for duplicate trips!
    Just 58 days for us and we will arrive back in Jamaica!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artie View Post
    CN's buildings are 3 storeys, and none have an elevator. The only other stairs are leading from the pool up to the main lobbey.
    You do have the option of bypassing the stairs to the lobby and instead going around building 7.
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    Stayed at CTI, CSS & CN. We did not like the steps at CSS either. CTI & CN also have some steps but very few compared to CSS. We loved them all but CTI is still our favorite.

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    Yes there are a lot of stairs at CSS - but its never been an issue. The walk/stairs helps take the edge off all the great food and drink at CSS. We have been to all 4 Couples places in JA and CSS is the best in our opinion..they are all great but for romance and serenity CSS takes first place. CSA has the best beach which we love...CN is compact and has a great pool bar and cafe....CTI is more hotel like but the island is super and the restaurants are bottom line go to any Couples Resorts and you will be happy!!
    Chuck and Gail
    Washington DC area (Northern VA)
    CSS April 19th
    7th Trip to Couples (2xCSA 4xCSS 1xCTI)
    Too many trips to JA to count and still love it!

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    I have had 8 knee operations which is the reason my wife and I have never tried CSS. We have been to CN 3 times and love it. There is some steps but nothing overwhelming. We have been to CTI twice and like it there also. If you like Ocho rios CTI is a great pick. But we like Negril and CN has our hearts. Going to try CB this year but can garuntee we will be back to CN.

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    Stairs...what stairs??? We're so busy enjoying nature and the views we hardly notice them. day 3 my calves did scream for help a couple of times!

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    We love CSS! My hubby used to ride bulls for a living so he has had 8 right knee surgeries and 2 left knee surgeries, also last time we were there he tore his ankle tendon 3 weeks before we got there and he never really had any problems. We loved the stairs and sometimes would walk then to wear off all the food & drinks! Some of the stairs are surrounded by trees and overgrow and it made the ambiance amazing! We leave in 8 days to head back there! Can't wait to go home!

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    i'm really lazy and didn't find the stairs to be an issue. I'm happy to hear that people don't like the stairs and won't go back....more beach for me

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    We went to CTI last year and visited CSS.The stairs were an issue for my husband. He has had several back surgeries and has problems with his foot and walks with a cane. CTI was perfect for us because of this reason. I am glad to hear that most people don't have problems with the stairs, but some do and it is a big consideration when booking a vacation. We are headed to CTI and CN this year. Hopefully CN will be just as easy for my husband to navigate as CTI is.

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