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    We have been to CSS and now are thinking of booking CTI. my question is to people that have been to CTI is there any shade on the beach. I have looked at the map and the 360 view of the beach and it doesn't look like is much shade at all.
    I burn super super easy and I wear sunscreen, but I normally just stay in the shade, and I don't have any problems. but I don't want to get there and not be able to find any shade out on the beach.
    Do you think I will have a problem as CTI finding shade ??
    Thanks in advance for your answers

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    Hi there,

    Yes, there is shade on the beach - it's limited, but it's there. You won't have an issue. Find a chair under one of the handful of trees or snag a spot under the sunshade and you'll be fine. My husband also burns really easily and we just kept slathering on the SPF. We both came home with sunburn on our scalps, but a nice tan everywhere else.

    Have fun!

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    There are palm trees, and sun sails in the trees. There is plenty of shade. At the pools, the main pool has a couple of almond trees and then Building 2 provides shade. At the swim up pool, there are palm trees. On the island there are pagodas. Also, OR is on the north side of the island, so depending on the time of year, the sun can go behind the buildings early providing shade.

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    Spent 8 days early this month and never had a problem finding shade on the beach. If things happen to run out of shade and are needing a break then there's always one of the bars or other areas with great views of the ocean that are covered.

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    Thanks for the reply. We went ahead and booked CN. now i almost wish i had not and just stayed with CTI. Choices Choices ... they are so hard!
    At least I know I am not the only one out there that would just burn up in that sun!
    Thanks again!

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    We were there in November and never had any problem finding shade at the beach. My husband got burnt pretty badly over the first couple days (his fault he stayed in the sun all day and forgot to keep re-applying sunscreen) so we stayed in the shade for the remainder of the trip. You can find lots of shade at the beach and both pools. The only place I don't know about is the island because we did not go there.

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    We were there in June and had no problem finding shade. My hubby is as white as piece of computer paper (lol) so we were able to find spots next to each other where I got full sun and he got partial shade. He brought a swim shirt and SPF 55 & 70 and was fine.

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