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    Default Vow Renewal at CSA

    Who here has done the vow renewal at CSA? We are going next year and my wife wants to do it.

    I've seen the packages and costs online. Did you think it was worth it? Can you so it anywhere on the resort? And tips or ideas that you would have done different? Want to surprise her and make it special.
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    Our children and their spouses planned a surprise vow renewal for us at CSA for our 40th. We didn't have a clue! They told us we were having our picture taken and they brought us clothes, shoes etc. They contacted the local RC priest who came to CSA to perform the ceremony. It took place in a palapa in the main lawn area and was very private. A staff member knocked on our door about five minutes before we were to leave to meet the photographer (or so we thought). She led us to the ceremony site and we were kind of in a state of shock when we realized what was planned. Afterwards we had a private reception with cake and champagne. It was a complete surprise and a day we will never forget!

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    We did it in 2006. Everything was wonderful. We had our ceremony on the beach and the breeze was nice as our time was 11:00 am. I am sure some things have changed since we did ours, but the pictures and ceremony were very nice.

    One thing we did differently was to not have dinner at Feathers that night. We had the private dinner on the beach.

    Go for it.

    it's all about the kids

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    We did ours in May of 2012 and it was wonderful. It was just the two of us, the priest, wedding planner, and photographer. We did it in the garden area. It was by personal and private. People do not stop and stare and it professional. Private reception with cake and champagne and the photos. Beautiful flowers and music.

    We booked through the site and sent our marriage license in and everything else was taken care of by wedding planner Pricillia.

    My only regret would be that since it was just the two of us and we have three older children at home is that we would of paid for the video so they could of seen it.

    We bought new rings and wrote our own vows. It was our 25th and we were first married young so this was a very meaningful experience. We did a private beach candlelight dinne that evening to celebrate.

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    Like Sue and Randy we renewed our vows in 2006. We also had dinner on the beach (all 8 of us) and it was a magical evening.

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    Highly recommended, we did our 25th in October 2010. Beach ceremony @ 4PM. Basic package, was more than great.
    We and our wedding party (yes they were still around after 25 years) did dinner at Feathers afterward.
    We did buy photos later.

    We'd do it again in a minute.
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    We did a vow renewal on our 50th at CSA, December of 2008. It was on the beach followed by a small reception at a interior location. Our daughter and son in law were there with us. GREAT memory. The photo taken is a centerpiece of our wall display.

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    We had a vow renewal on our first trip to CSA in '05 for our 25th anniversary and it was great. Ours was also around 11'ish and on the beach. Wedding/vow renewals are performed on the beach, cake & champagne receptions allow a couple locations to choose from. We were by ourselves and invited a few couples we had met on the message board to attend. They were dressed in tennis gear and swim suits while we dressed in our "casual" wedding attire. Very cool, very relaxed and very romantic. We saved our cake for an impromptu "reception" at Palms that night and invited folks from the restaurant to join us in our celebration. Very disorganized but a lot of fun. I highly recommend a vow renewal and keeping it very relaxed and as informal as you are comfortable with. In my opinion the less pressure you put on yourselves the more you will enjoy it.

    You will love CSA! Have a great trip!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    We did it in Dec '08 for our 5 year and will be doing it again this Dec for our 10 year! It was a great experience. Last one was on the beach and the one this December will also be on the beach!

    Here is a link to my pictures from Dec '08!/tammie.b...8076463&type=3

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    Great info everyone!

    trhops... what a lovely celebration! The pictures are wonderful. Who took them? Did you have a Couples photographer? You both look incredible and the dress and flowers are beautiful. Did you have a special renewal package that you bought?
    We are booked for August 2014 to celebrate our 25th at CSA. Can't wait. Counting down now until trip #3 in 32 days back to CSA. Then we'll start the 2014 countdown.

    Have a wonderful 10th Anniversary in December!!

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    trhops - what beautiful photos! My husband and I will be renewing our vows this coming September (although at CSS not CSA). Did you go with the "one love" renewal package or did you opt for a more expensive option? Also, were those photos taken by the resort photographer or did you have an outside photographer?

    BTW - I just purchased my dress for our vow renewal and I got mine at Dillard's, too, although I didn't get quite as good a deal as you got.

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