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    Default Gifts for the Staff

    I read on here that in order to give the staff gifts we need to write a note with the gift stating who they are for and who they are from correct? Do we need anything else on the paper?

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    Your room number

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    Hi we came across your ? and have a few ourselfs if that is ok... So gifts for the staff. What kind of gifts do people leave for the staff? I did read something about school supplies for the schools and love that idea also.

    Thank you

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    Default Gifts

    Over the counter medications are VERY expensive in Jamaica.....aspirin, Tylenol, etc.

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    Good to know and thank you

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    We bring specialty chocolates for the housekeeping staff. We came back to our room one night and found the room covered in rose petals!

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    I know people bring chocolates, candy goodie bags, and school supplies. We didn't take anything last trip, but this trip we are going to take some chocolates, school supplies, etc.

    I have a question about this.......I want the school supplies to go to the staffs children. So, would I give it to them or take it to the checkin desk?

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    Wow that was very nice. I want to bring something also when we go. Do they not have chocolates like we do as far as Reesey, Hersey bars? Someone said school supplies for the schools.

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    The last couple years we have taken bags of pre wrapped candy (think Halloween) for the staff to give to their kids as treats. We try to get non chocolate treats as they can melt in transit due to the heat. Many people do get chocolates though. The note should include your name, signature, and room number and try to put the name of the staff member on it as well. Irie mon...respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandytammie View Post
    Wow that was very nice. I want to bring something also when we go. Do they not have chocolates like we do as far as Reesey, Hersey bars? Someone said school supplies for the schools.
    They have those things, but everything is so pricey. I took chocolate kisses and left them for turn down staff and the mini bar person. We have also taken school supply boxes and left them at the front desk. The Issa Foundation will distribute them. I have given them to staff that I now have children.

    The best gift you can give is to show respect to the staff. Learn their names and use them. I am surprised that with as many guests that go through the resorts, they remembered us right away and our names (now that I think about, is there a reason they remember our names?? hmm ) Anyway, also note their names on the comment card at the end of your trip. They get recognition based on our positive comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
    Your room number
    Thanks Jenni! I have chocolates for housekeeping and small gifts for some of the staff that are now our friends so I want to make sure they are able to take them home and not have to surrender them to security

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    Some other ideas that seemed to go over well (on our trip to CN last year)

    -Sample perfumes and cologne (the kind you get at Department stores)
    -Small bottles of lotions (the kind you get at the Body shop and Bath and Body works)
    -Nail polish
    - Reece's cups and Hershey bars (I think someone already listed)
    - lip gloss and chapstick
    - Pencils and notebooks (I think already mentioned)
    -Cheap and small kids toys like jump ropes, yoyos, matchbox cars, etc.. (The lady who serviced our room actually tracked us down to tell us how much her kids LOVED the toys)
    -I also bought a box of blank thank you cards which made it really easy to include a note with room number and items

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