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    Default WOOT WOOT we booked today !! :):)

    Jim and I would like to see more islands but it will have to wait! Trip #6 to csa is booked for April 18-25. Hopefully flight prices will drop, way too spendy now. Countdown begins

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    We were just looking at those same dates!!! I'll keep you posted if we book then

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    WOOT WOOT Booked for May and Dec 2014

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    We're first timers, with our first trip to CTI still 59 days away, but even so I've already booked 10 days for August 2014 as well, and we haven't even been there the first time yet, just to take advantage of the low rates! We'll just keep our eyes peeled for airline sales and sign up to several airline emails and price drop alerts. If you can take Southwest for any part of your trip, they have great sales every few months that can knock their ticket prices in half. I've read so much on these message boards and TA that I really can't imagine not being totally happy with the place. It could rain the entire time with red flag days and I'd still enjoy the food, drink and entertainment!

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    We got in just under the deadline too! We had considered CB, but the flights schedules for us were not good, so back HOME to CSS in February for us! 8 months and counting!
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    I must confess, I didn't think we were going to csa next year, but priorities change and I might have to change my screen name because I sold my harley softail. ., but on the bright side, we can do more traveling sooooo more trips to csa! We will have to try cb soon, life is good

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    We booked just under the Wednesday deadline, too! We're returning to CSS April 19th through April 27....Woo Hoo!!!

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    We just booked 18-25 June CN. ��

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    We have 3 time clocks running. Oct. 2013/2014 and April 2014. This dam retirement has left me with nothing to do except spend more time in Jamaica. Oh well I'll tough it out Softail, I hope your right about lower rates but I believe you are going on Easter weekend. Do you use a travel agent? Live a little north of you,"Don't ya know".
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    LasCrs, the last two trips I've booked myself, jeez I didn't realize it was Easter. I'll check that. I did notice that if we left one day later on Saturday the 19th, the rates for the hotel were 300 bucks cheaper but the flights were terrible . We lost a whole day at the resort and that's why i chose Friday. Good times as nd connections. No guarantee they will stay that way I know. I may have to adjust my dates. I shouldn't have waited, I just made up my mind at the last minute as usual.
    Where do you guys live?

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    Yay, Softail! That will make the long Minnesota winter go a bit faster!
    We got brave and booked CB for November 2014.....
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    We are booked for April 2014 as well (CSA). This will make our third trip to CSA; we have been to CSS three times and loved that resort too. Like Softail19, we told ourselves that we skip CSA in 2014, but I caved. The past six years we have gone to a Couples Resort in Jamaica. It is hard NOT to return to such a relaxing and wonderful time in Jamaica at a Couples Resort.

    We do hope to go to Couples B in the future. But as of now......the flight schedules do not work for us.

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    You got that right Jan, they have been especially long too

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    Softail Brainerd area. Please keep posting about flight rates. Friday flight price may make up for the higher room rate. We leave on Saturday 4/19/2014 because of the reduced room rate. Also our travel agent recommended we get the MoBay Lounge pass due to the large number on travelers entering Jamaica on the 19th. Only time he has recommended the pass.

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    LasCrs, we were lucky this year, we flew in on a sat afternoon around 330 pm. The place was empty! I do know Saturdays can be nuts at Sangster. I'll keep you posted what I find. Glad to meet another Minnesotan!

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    March 2014, CSA. #7, and it's going to be a long wait.

    Life is good

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    LasCrs, I'm going to book flights today for the 18-25 as they dropped to $468 from msp with a layover in mia arriving in mbj at 140pm which is excellent. I just can't pass it up as it's only 30 dollars mor than I paid this year with better flight times.

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    Softail, We paid $485 per with stop in Chicago. Arrival time is 1:50PM at MBJ on the 19th. Have never gone in April, prior to this, but our October flight prices are comparable. On with the countdown.

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    I blew it, should have booked last night. Price went up again, I'll be waiting........ Very frustrating!

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    Lascrs, where did you find that fare. I use Kayak for prices and haven't seen that price on the 19th. I would adjust my dates if I could get a flight under 500.? I shouldn't panic but I am

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    Softail, The flight were on is no longer listed Airtran/Southwest. I assume it is sold out. I'm hoping that since Southwest is buying out Airtran we will get better flight times/prices. Combining the Minn. market with the Chicago market. Again "Hoping" is the key word. Two weeks ago you had to have seperate travel insurance for airtran to Chicago, than Southwest to MBJ. Now one policy will cover the trip. Keep the faith.

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    We booked our 2014 CSA reservation a couple days before we left for trip #7 week before last. Best trip to CSA yet, we did almost nothing the whole week. Can't wait to go back next year and do more nothing! Some great thunderstorms and lots of sun too.

    Under a year!! See you at the beach!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    Dirtleg, I too feel your excitement

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    We have been to CN 6 times, CSA 1 time. We booked CSS for Feb. 2014!! 232 days!!
    One Love,

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