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    Default Cost of pictures

    Going to CSA in July! Does anyone know approx how much the pictures from the Couples photographers cost? Thanks!

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    There is tons of packages we bought one that was about in the middle and costed about $200

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    I'm assuming they would be about the same price as CTI. We were just there 2 weeks ago and I believe the individual pictures were $15 each but then they had packages set up if you wanted more. The packages also included a wooden picture frame with couples resorts carved across it.

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    Not sure of exact cost, I do know they are not cheap!
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    We just got back from CSS and ended up buying a photo package with 15 digital photos on a disk, and one 8x10 print framed for $170. The photos are nice but $11.00 plus per digital image is very expensive IMO. The resort was great and we had a great time though.

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    At CN, they are $15 each I believe but you can get a package that makes them a little cheaper. We usually do the package of 15 for approx. $185 .... Give or take a few dollars .... I can't remember exactly. We use our resort credits to pay for them.

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    $15/photo either on print or disk (but not both!) or $250 for 100 at CN in May. It was the only purchase I felt was marked up higher than necessary. We ended up choosing 4 photos on a burned disc for $60

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    I'd like to know the cost as well. Also, going in July...13 days left!!!!

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    If you are talking about the ones that walk around the restaurants and ither areas, they were 15 dollars if I remember right.

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    Think wedding photographer and add 20%. They are highly overpriced. Not worth it to us.

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    We did the sunset pictures in 2011.The individual pictures were 10-15$ each,we bought 100 pics on CD for 250$ what was cool is that thru out the week all the photographers took random pics of us and the two couples who were with us,we had lots to choose from.All of the photographers are supper nice,the sunset pictures were worth every penny.No pressure at all about buying them was nice

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    $15.00 for one 5x7 print or any one image on disc for the same price. There are other packages available. I think one was 15 pictures on disc for $150.

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    They're not cheap but they have packages that help. Wedding pics are another story..... They can't be combined with the regular packages (only wedding packages) and are very expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stolly View Post
    Going to CSA in July! Does anyone know approx how much the pictures from the Couples photographers cost? Thanks!
    $15 per image. Choose between a 5 x 7 print of a digital file on a CD.

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    The photo session is free. You can buy individual pics (don't recall the price) or a disk of all of them for I believe $250. We did this and LOVE the photos. The session was fun and it was well worth it, IMO.

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    Pictures when done in a package are pretty cheap compared to prices back home, but if your in a wedding or vow renewal they are ridiculously expensive. I think we ended up with 6-10 pictures and it was over $200 where if you just got a book of pictures from your stay at the resort I wanna say you could get 200 picts for about the same price. I may be off just a little but you get the point, that was about the only thing that kinda made me upset at Couples. Its a special day and you want to remember that and they know it so you have to pay for it.

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    We went to CN and pictures were $20 a piece for an image on a CD. I know wedding pictures are more expensive than regular pictures.

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