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    Default Fancy Flip Flop @ CTI Eight Rivers

    At CTI restaurant Eight Rivers, the website says no flip flops. I understand that men have to wear closed toe shoes, but I have a dressy pair of flip flops that I'd like to wear with one of my nicer outfits. Do you think they would permit this type of flip flop--not the plastic beach ones?

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    If you are a female; yes.

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    Ive seen threads on this before. And everyone has a different take on it. Here is mine. Couples is certainly not a "little black dress, heels and pearls" kind of place. That being said, I think we all agree that we dont want to see board shorts and/or flipy floppies in the nicer restaurants. For men, the closed toe shoe is pretty much the only option. I think its tough for men to "dress up" a sandal lol. For us ladies, i think you know what i mean when i say that there is a difference between your standard flip flops and dressy sandals/flats. Like you said, not the plastic beach ones...something with a strap on the back kind of thing.

    Last year, at CTI, (our first time to couples) I was nervous about what to wear and didnt want to be underdressed so i wore heels and a little black dress kinda thing when we went to Eight Rivers. I felt so awkward and out of place. In fact, after we had dinner (which was amazing btw, youre going to love it! try the lamb!) i went back to the room and changed into flats. I mean, after you eat, youll most likely enjoy the night life or walk around the beach..whatever. and heels are not exactly ideal for that. But...its your call! This year, (IN 8 DAYS WOOOOOO) I'm soooo not bringing heels. I have nicer sandals for the fancy places and im feeling pretty confident that they will be just fine. Hopefully this answers your question.

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    I would say no sandals yes no flip flops.

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    If they are thong style sandles as opposed to beach flip flops, yes.

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    I forgot to take my closed toe shoes on our trip so I wore my "fancy" sandals instead and no one said a word, we did ask at the desk as we were making reservations and they said they would make an exception in this case so take a chance if it's really a deal for you.

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    I am also wondering this for restaurants at CSA. I have dressy flip flops and I'm wondering if I need sandals with a back or a heel.

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    It is very typical to see women at the fancy restaurants in dressy sandals with no back, in between the toes or slide-on. For me, I recommend something like this that my husband got for our trip last year. He loves them! Stacy Adams makes the ones he got and they are a very affordable brand but I know you can find others at a higher price point if that's your thing also. Name:  images.jpeg
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    You will be fine. I had dressy flip flops (am I the only one who thinks that sounds funny?) and had no problems wearing them to dinner. My first time I packed heels and learned my lesson now its wedges or most nice dressed up flip flops or sandals.

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