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    Default 1st time to CTI going in Dec 2013

    We have alot of questions and would love to chat with a few people who would like to answer them. We are very excited to be going to CTI for the first time, really this is our 1st time out of the US. We are wondering about excutions on who soon to book and who to book with. Deep sea fishing is a must for us. We will take any advise anyone would like to share. Also we are staying in the Superior room and would like to know about the views. Thank you

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    I will be glad to answer questions.

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    Book Dunns River Falls as soon as you check-in. It tends to fill up pretty quickly. And it is a must do. I was very intimidated when we got there, but it was a fairly easy trek up the waterfall, and I felt so accomplished once I made it to the top. Just head to the concierge desk (just past check-in in the lobby) and they will get you on the books.

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    We went to CTI in October 2012. It was our first visit to a Couples resort so I'm in no way an expert...

    We went on two excursions, one to Dunn's River Falls and Horseback Riding. There is an excursion desk in the lobby and they can help you book any excursions. I'd recommend booking early - we didn't have any trouble with the Dunn's River Falls tour but the horseback riding they had to call a few places. Transportation was provided for both excursions.

    You'll have a great time at CTI!

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    You will love CTI! We got married there (when it was COR) almost 7 years ago, went back 2 yrs ago for our 5 year anniversary and headed back October 1. The rooms all have good views - the resort is smaller so we have never had an issue with a bad view.

    We book at least a year out to get the discount and resort credits but that's just our preference.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions

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    give me a way to contact you and I will be glad to help.

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    I would be happy to answer any questions you have about CTI. My wife and I were just there this last april and we were first timers too. It is an amazing place and I am sure you will fall in love with it.

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    We were just there about a month ago. It was our first time at a Couples resort. We stayed at CTI. I decided to upgrade to the Deluxe from the Superior...Didn't cost much more really and I DON'T regret it one bit! Our view was spectacular! As far as excursions...we ALWAYS do Dolphin Cove. So much to do at Dolphin Cove too! We got married at a resort that closed down 10 years ago in Jamaica so we needed to find a new "home". We think CTI just might be it. The staff is GREAT! Food is outstanding!

    Here is a picture of the resort and I have our room circled. I will check back in to see if you have any other questions. I am more than happy to help.

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    Yes that is one we are doing for sure. Did you go to see the dolphins? What time of year did you guys go?

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    Thank you. I am sure we will have lots of fun. Little nervous being in another country but once we are there it's time to relax LOL.

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    Scubba diving. We do not scubba and are not getting certified but want to do there complimentary one they offer. I think I saw it is a one time dive and then 50.00 after that. Also deep sea fishing we are planning on doing that. Did you guys book anything in advance or when you got there? Also thank you

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    We are very excited and the time is not going fast enough.

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    Please ask the questions on the board so that the answers might help others with the same questions. We may be able to link you to threads that have answered the question (often in depth) before, or simply answer the query.

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    did you book in advance with the dolphins? what package wold you say to do at the dolphin cove?

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