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    Default Anticipation....

    I am so excited! We are booked for our sixth return visit to Couples. Looking very forward to CSA in April 2014!

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    Have you stayed at CTI? If you have what would you reccomond to see or do we are 1st timers and dont want to miss out on anything. we are going in Dec.

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    We are headed to CSA April 19-26. It will be our first time to CSA... Have been to CN once and leaving for CN again in 9 long days. We will be doing trading places to finally check out CSA but super excited to go back either way!!!

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    Similar situation. Trip number six next May. It'll be our first to CSA. Only 316 more days...!

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    Im right there with ya too, we are returning home to CN aug 2014 so a little over 400 days to go, we booked with over 500 days to wait so im dieing over here waiting to go back.

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    We were at TI in April of this year and are returning in August. Don't miss the Cat cruise (a lot of fun). Take advantage of the water sports at the resorts. The food is great, the vibe is cool, the drinks are free flowing. Enjoy your trip.
    CTI April 2013
    CTI August 2013

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    Trip number 6 to Couples in 2 days ..... trip number 7 in 425 days.

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    I am so excited.....first time at CSA Negril and cannot wait................since my husband and I are over 60 we're hoping to relax, relax and enjoy................are there any other couples going around our age July 4th thru July 8th.....???? anyone from New England area?


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    Third time to CSA April 19-26 2014 ........302 days but who's counting

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    Maryanne, your husband and you will love CSA. The age group of those on vacation is very diverse. You will enjoy the company of all ages.

    You have picked a great resort for relaxation. The food is wonderful, the drinks are flowing and the beach awaits you!

    Enjoy and take it all in!

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