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    Someone help me - old age has set in! We were just at CN in March and can't remember the name of the guy on the activities team. He was crazy - great dancer, did splits on the ceiling of the Margaritaville bus, says "awesome" alot...LOL What was his name??

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    You are probably referring to Andrew. He has left now and gone off to School. We will miss him when we are there in December!
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    could it possibly be Fabian? we just got back from CN on the 26th and he was there our entire trip...he's nutz but a real asset to the resort.

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    Mr. Andrew Davis was our favorite at CN as well. I think his school is in Kingston. That's a long way from CN.
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    I was thinking Richard...he was a lot of fun when my husband and I were there in June. He always made sure to get everyone involved in the couples experience.

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    Andrew!!! That's it!!! Thank you so much! How we could have forgotten his name, I have no idea - what a character. I'm sad to hear he is no longer there. We were looking forward to seeing him again in March. I'm glad he's off to school though and I'm sure he'll be a success at whatever he decides to do. Thanks again!

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    Fabian got us to participate in things that normally I would not have. He ate breakfast with us one morning as well. I never saw someone put so much hot sauce on their food before!

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    Here is Andrew on the do you recognize him?.....LOL[IMG][/IMG]
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