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    Default 10 days in Jamaica over Thanksgiving

    Hi Everyone,

    We are trying to decide whether to go to CTI, CSS or split our trip between the 2.

    Pros of CTI:
    We have been there before and loved it.
    Catamaran cruise.
    Many more but will not list.

    Pros of CSS:
    We have never been there before and love to explore so the grounds sound fun.
    Something new.

    I am concerned about 2 things:
    I hear that CTI is livelier. We like to have a good time - last time we were at CTI the weather was windy every day so we just sat around the pool bar a lot, met people, played games. It was so fun! I'm worried we will be bored at CSS.
    If we do a split, can we switch to the other resort if we like it better? Or stay at the one we are at?

    Also, can we do the split by booking online?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Our last trip to CN was ten days over Thanksgiving, all of which we spent at the one resort. We had thought about splitting the trip between CN, our home, and CSA, to try something new. On the fifth day, my wife and I were contemplating if we would have been happy packing up and going to CSA, and the answer was a resounding NO. I totally understand the desire to check out a new place, but when you only have the time and money to go once per year, our philosophy is to stick with what you know you love. If you were doing 14 nights and could spend a week at each place, it may be different, but for ten days, I would stay at one place. Either way, ten days at Couples over Thanksgiving is always our ideal trip. Enjoy!

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    I agree with Dank120.... if it were 2 weeks, I'd split. But anything under that, best to stay. We've been to CSA, CN and CSS. We are going to CN for Thanksgiving week this year! But we only do 8 days, 7 nights each trip. This way, we can go twice a year (we just went to CSS in March).

    CTI doesn't seem like it's for us. I guess the fear of more red flag days and to me the appeal is the island and that doesn't interest us. And with the beach being even smaller than CSS (and that's about as small as we like to go)... just doesn't seem to be a good fit. Next time we go to CSS, will do the Trading Places and check it out just to see.

    We went to CSS in March for the first time. Had only been to Negril. We really enjoyed it but we aren't nightlife people. Were in bed by 11pm since we were up around 7am. I like to enjoy the sunshine and beach as much during the day as I can. :-D The lush and tropical feel of CSS was awesome. Lots of nooks and crannys to check out. We had a blast at the Beach Bar and Pool Bar everyday. Things do get a little lively. Especially the pool area. So you won't be bored. The entertainment staff also make it fun. I like to chill but I also like a little something to do. Between the included activities and the entertainment crew (along w/ the bartenders), we were never bored.
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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