Hi Everyone,

We are trying to decide whether to go to CTI, CSS or split our trip between the 2.

Pros of CTI:
We have been there before and loved it.
Catamaran cruise.
Many more but will not list.

Pros of CSS:
We have never been there before and love to explore so the grounds sound fun.
Something new.

I am concerned about 2 things:
I hear that CTI is livelier. We like to have a good time - last time we were at CTI the weather was windy every day so we just sat around the pool bar a lot, met people, played games. It was so fun! I'm worried we will be bored at CSS.
If we do a split, can we switch to the other resort if we like it better? Or stay at the one we are at?

Also, can we do the split by booking online?

Thanks for your help.