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    Will be at CN Nov 2-9th for our first trip to Jamaica. Was wondering what kind of Adult Drinks they have at the resort? Any info would be great. Along with any advice or tips for first timers

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    There are more drink options then you could possibly imagine! The are menus at the bars. The 'dirty bananas' and beer hit the note for us on the beach, wine with dinner (my drink of choice, husband had rum stuff) and sipped on rum cream in the late evening.
    Advice? Have a great time! Turn off the electronics and relax!

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    They can make almost any adult drink you would want.
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    Enjoy your trip!

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    Basically if you can think of a drink, they can make it and then about 100 more. The palate will not go thirsty.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Anything and Everything pretty much. The mini bar in the rooms provide you with a bottle of wine, and bottles of red stripe. You can call and get it restocked anytime although you have to wait in the room for when they deliver which usually takes no more then 10 minutes.
    The pool bar has awesome drinks. Daquiries, Pina Coladas, and a good variety of alcohol. There is a a drink menu provided that you can choose from or get them to make you something. You will not be disappointed.

    |My favourite is the Hummingbird at the pool bar. Its a delicious blended drink and I get them to add Ameretto on top for an extra kick!
    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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    @jboyce81: We will be at CN for our first visit at the same time... my wife, Lyn and I have been to Negril several times but this is our first visit to CN. Look forward to meeting you - Chuck

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